Jennifer Green, Director, Friends and Partners in Space

Jennifer Green (photo) is a Principal Engineer with The Boeing Company in Houston, Texas. She graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) in 1986 with a degree in Aerospace and Ocean Engineering. For the past nine years she has been working on the Space Station program, primarily in areas related to utilization and operations. Jennifer has participated in several NASA studies including those dealing with Extravehicular Activity Systems, Propulsion Systems, Space Station Evolution, the National Launch System, the Ariane 5/Automated Transfer Vehicle, and Reusable Launch Vehicles and has supported numerous Station redesigns.

Jennifer has been interested in the space programs of the Former Soviet Union (FSU) for sometime and since 1993 has been working on cooperative ventures with the FSU on the International Space Station program in the areas of utilization and operations, and has also been involved in some McDonnell Douglas internal activities with the Russians. After working on the first Russian Integration Team in Crystal City, Virginia in August 1993, she decided to begin the Friends in Partners in Space project as a means of providing information on the space programs of the FSU and the US to the engineers working on the joint projects and also to the general public.

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