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This page is offered to help keep all interested subscribers up-to-date with other important information resources - particularly those related to the primary interests of the Friends and Partners service. Notice of new additions and significant changes will be posted here as they are made.

Post-Soviet Study Resources on the Internet (v1.1), Compiled, edited and with commentary by Ian Kallen of San Francisco State University. This is a hypertext version of Ian Kallen's very popular work which does, by far, the best job we have seen to date on describing information resources on the Internet devoted to issues regarding the Former Soviet Union. The full text version (v1.0) of this document is also available. Slavic Review, the premier quarterly of Russian, Eurasian and East European studies, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies and edited by Dr. Elliott Mossman of the University of Pennsylvania, is now a more powerful teaching and research tool.

World Wide Web and Gopher Servers

The very good SovInformBureau WWW site is made available by Vadim Masov.

The INFO-RUSS WWW Server contains information about and an archive of the postings on the excellent INFO-RUSS listserver maintained by Alex Kaplan.

FREEnet (The network for Research, Education and Engineering) is a free research network in Russia which interconnects computer networks of research institutes and organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, universities, colleges and other research and academic organizations. A brief description of the overall FREEnet network is provided and be sure to visit the Ural Regional Center (which includes a lot of local information) and the Moscow Center (in English and in Russian).

"The St. Petersburg Server" includes the weekly newspaper, the St. Petersburg Press, a monthly business magazine, the St Petersburg Business Journal, a quarterly guide to law and regulation in Russia, Rules & Regulations in Russia, and The Best of Victor Bogorad, Russia's top cartoonist.

Glasnet's WWW server is here. GlasNet is the first non-profit, non-governmental telecommunications network to be established in the Former Soviet Union. It is a network in the Former Soviet Union for people there who have access to electronic communication equipment; typically a PC and a modem. Anyone with access to the Internet or many other networks can exchange Email with GlasNet users.

Russia on The Net offers a broad variety of information resources concerning Russia.

East View Publications offers information resources from the Newly Independent States. "It is the world's largest clearinghouse for publications from Russia, the CIS and Central Europe" and offers a variety of other services.

The Cooperation Committee is an international organization, based on an agreement among governments of Japan and 12 New Independent States (excluding three Baltic states) (Former Soviet Union). It describes Japan's official assistance to NIS mainly through the Cooperation Committee. This assistance is designed to help the fSU with their transition and includes such areas as technical and humanitarian assistance, elimination of nuclear weapons, cultural exchange, funding and multilateral cooperation. This server is available in Japanese, English and Russian. Thanks to Hiroyuki Yamamoto for letting us know about his wonderful server.

Mizzou's, Russian & Newly Independent States Resource Tool" is an excellent effort by Scott Burris of the University of Missouri to provide information of interesting regarding Russia and the NIS.

Window-to-Russia (TM) is a Moscow-based project by Relcom Corporation, initiated to give the worldwide network community the means of WWW access to the variety of information resources from and about Russia.

Russian and East European Studies Home Pages WWW Server (REESweb) is a comprehensive guide to the worldwide network-accessible resources available to scholars in the interdisciplinary study of Russia and Eastern Europe. This is a very well constructed and informative WWW server and definitely worth the visit.

Network of East-West Women "is an international communication and resource network supporting dialogue, informational exchange and activism among those concerned about women's swiftly changing situation in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union."

Russian Yellow Pages includes "Russian resources under one roof and well organized. Includes news, information, geographic index, culture, sports, entertainment, software and more . . . all as they pertain to Russia."

The Russian and East European Network Information Center (REENIC) is an excellent new information resource announced by Craig Plumlee of the University of Texas, Austin Center for Post-Soviet and East-European Studies.

SOC.CULTURE.SOVIET Open Page is intended as a way for SCS people who don't have access to WWW or FTP server to publish the stuff they want to make publicly accessible. Everybody is welcome to submit your information here.

"Dazhdbog's Grandsons" is an excellent WWW established by Serge Naumov at the University of North Carolina. This server is called "Dazhdbog's Grandsons" because, as Sergei tells us, that is what the ancient Russians called themselves. This is definitely worth the trip. Make sure to go to "EXHIBITIONS" and then on to Moscow. Lots of beautiful photographs and other interesting information.

Professor Andreas Lixl-Purcell of the The University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Department of German and Russian has developed a great server, the Russian Studies World Wide Web site. This site has lots of really good information for those who want to improve their language skills or learn more about the Former Soviet Union.

Keena Costlow of Southern Methodist University, Foreign Languages Learning Center in Dallas, Texas maintains the Russia and Eastern Europe Page for her department. SMU's Foreign Language and Education Technology Page is also well worth the visit.

VICNET (Victoria Network) in Victoria, Australia has developed a wonderful Russian Page by and for it's Russian community. This is a very nice resource with lots of links to other resources.

Sasha Vorobiev's WWW pages has an interesting set of HTML pages dedicated to xUSSR, Russia and Eastern Europe. Sasha, a student at Swathmore, is also working on a database called The Net With a Russian Accent database which consists of people, either Russian speaking or interested in Russian studies.

Igor Pavlovsky (an exchange student who will be at the University of Michigan this year) has developed a wonderful page on Russia which contains such subjects as history, information on several cities (including his home of Omsk), art, information about the currency and many other subjects and links.

Simon Hawkin's Russian Page is full of great information including resources on the Russian language and alphabet, lots of home pages, literature (incuding amateur), music, travel and much more.

The Department of Russian at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland has put together a very nice server that includes a nicely organized listing of Russia related online resources. Also included is information on their extensive course offerings (including the upcoming joint degree in Russian and Business Studies which is the first of its kind in Scotland).

The Ohio SuperComputer Center Russia Gopher server is full of all types of Russia and Russia related information.

The Ukraine FAQ Plus project is sponsored by the Sabre Foundation and underwritten by a grant from the Eurasia Foundation, with funding from the Agency for International Development. This site provides all types of information on Ukraine including culture, business, current events (including The Ukrainian Weekly) and law.

The Ohio SuperComputer Center Ukraine WWW server is the English language version site. There is also an English/Ukrainian version available. This is full of great information on the Ukraine.

The KOLO information server contains information about Ukraine, in particular about Kharkov which includes News around Kharkov city, the Kharkov Yellow Pages database. They gather all information about Ukraine on the InterNet in our Ukraine information index. In addition, the Vechernij Khar'kov newspaper (in the Russian language) is available in several different viewing options.

A very nice WWW server devoted to, and called Ukraine has been put together by Oleh Baran of McGill University. A great resource!

David Couchman, of Capsian Communications, has put together a very nice World Wide Web page related to the Republic of Azerbaijan, in the former Soviet Union.

Jaak Vilo, of Helsinki, Finland is the voluntary coordinating editor of the Eesti-Info WWW server. This server's hardware was donated by the "Open Estonian Foundation" and the site contains many, many informative resources about Estonia which have been been contributed by people everywhere (and are also indexed by subject). This wonderful, cooperative effort also has extensive information about the tragic sinking of the Ferry "Estonia" in September,1994 and the relief efforts that followed.

The Latvian Gopher Server was developed by the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science at The University of Latvia. It contains information and statistics about Latvia, the Institute, the Latvian Council of Science and news (including the Baltic News Service, Leta - The Latvian Telegraph Agency, and the Baltic Business Weekly) plus much more.

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs "will eventually provide all the information sheets, press releases, news reviews and other document that are issued by the EMFA."

The Welcome to Latvia WWW site on contains additional information about Latvia including WWW and non-WWW sites, history, maps and general information about the region.

Lietuvos Veidrodis (Mirror of Lithuania) is a new WWW resource of Lithuanian information. This will provide simple, quicker and easy access point to all Lithuanian WWW servers.

Alex Artsyukhovich, a student at the University of Virginia, is from Belarus. He has put together a wonderful Belarus Home Page, full of information and resources pertaining to this country.

The United Nations WWW site was officially launched on June 26, 1995 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter. It contains a wealth of information including the latest UN information and news (including daily updates), a pictoral history of the UN, and a special section on the 50th anniversary observance. Users can also take an electronic tour of United Nations Headquarters in New York, or get basic information about the activities of the United Nations system.

The IREX (International Research and Exchanges Board) Gopher server is available here.

The Australian National University (ANU) maintains a gopher site with Research Information Resources on Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Both of these sites contain Potential Partners and Partnership Resources, NGO Survey Data, and Contacts.

East-West International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction is an interesting World Wide Web server with lots of related resources on Russia. The EWHCI is held every summer in Russia - last year, in St. Petersburg from August 2-6, 1994. This year it will be from July 4-8, 1995 in Moscow.

The ELVIS+ WWW server from Russia is one of the first bi-lingual servers on the network (offering material in both Russian and English).

Moscow State University WWW Server.
Stack Web Server
Sovam Teleport
Demos Plus WWW
Other Russian WWW Servers
This is a nice listing (from the "Elvis" server in Russia) of pointers to other Russia/ex-USSR-related WWW servers.


Wayne Chinander's EX-USSR service (enter ex-ussr as the login)
Wayne Chinander, a Ph.D. student of Russian history at the University of Kansas has put together what is probably the best such collection of information on the Internet. You will find information on the current leaders of the various FSU republics, sources of on-line information, various email addresses, and other useful information.
ABSEES Online (login: absees)
This is provided by the American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES) ( of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This is a very flexible database searching system containing bibliographic records for materials about East-Central Europe and the former USSR published in the US and Canada. It covers many subject areas, from art, culture, and literature to economics, politics, science and technology, and military affairs. For more information, click here.
Radio Free Europe Daily Reports
We have been given permission by the RFE organization to provide a historical database of their excellent RFE/RL Daily Report -- daily digests of the latest developments in Russia, Transcaucasia and Central Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe. We currently have 1994 material here but are working with RFE to publish a searchable database of all daily reports from 1991 - present.
Citizen's Democracy Corps On-line NIS Email Directory
This is a searchable database of almost 5,000 people with email addresses in the NIS.
Polyn (Russian for Chernobyl)
This is a hypertext database describing the April, 1986 accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. As a platform of this data base, a last official version of events published in 1992, materials of Chernobyl Kurchatov Institute Expedition and a number of publications in scientific and mass media have been used.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Sites

Most of these were discovered on a recent posting from Eric Johnson on the RUSTEX listserver:

Please let us know of additions / corrections to this list.

Central and East European Resources

Additional interesting and useful information resources are listed here: - OR -

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