Geography and Geology

Much good work can be done in this area -- educating people in both countries about the geography and natural resources of our nations.

A listing of maps of countries of the former Soviet Union is included below:

Siberia is the one of the main geographic portions of Russia. Information about this region collected on the new Siberia: Culture - Economy - Business server includes social, cultural, historical, geographical, economic development, and business in this often misunderstood region of Russia.

A series of maps of the Commonwealth of Independent States is located here (from the University of Texas libraries). Maps of the rest of the world are found here.

Some sample maps and pictures of the Russian far-east are listed below:

These pictures come from the Russian Far East Exchange service from the excellent InforMNs (Internet for Minnesota Schools) Gopher.

David Couchman's Azerbaijan home page is available here with lots of information on travel, email communications, business and economy, history, maps, pictorial tours, and more.

David Zlotchenko's Georgia home page includes a network resource list, information on education and science, Georgian fonts and software plus other useful resources.

North Ossetia-Alania is one of the sovereign republics of Russian Federation. It is situated on the northern slopes of the central Caucasus and is one of the smallest, most densely populated and multi-cultural republics in the Russian Federation.

Dagestan - wild mountain villages, traditional people describes a 1992 trip by Paul Knott and others to this republic sandwiched between the Caucasus mountains and the Caspian Sea. - OR -

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