Internship Capacity Building for Selected Countries of Central and Eastern European, Russia, and Central Asia Republics

AGENCY: United States Information Agency

PROGRAM: The Office of Citizen Exchanges requests proposals for the planning and conducting of a series of training workshops around the U.S. The workshops are intended to build the capacity of local organizations to run quality internship programs in diverse fields. In addition, the Agency seeks the development of internship program standards which will form the core of the workshop curriculum, and also be used later by USIA to evaluate internships completed by those organizations who have taken the workshop. The purpose of this program is to increase the capacity of community-backed organizations within the U.S. for internships placements, primarily in the business field, but also including other fields such as journalism and local government.

MONETARY SUPPORT: USIA has budgeted approximately $250,000 for this project.

DEADLINES: 01/14/94


          United States Information Agency
          European Division of Citizen Exchanges
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