Translation Services

AGENCY: Federal Bureau of Investigation

PROGRAM: The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a requirement to obtain the services of translators with ability in a wide range of languages, including, but not limited to: Arabic, Chinese (all dialects), Farsi, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Sicilian, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

DEADLINES: 09/30/94


          Federal Bureau of Investigation
          10th and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
          JEH-FBI Building, Room 6875
          Washington, DC  20535
ATTN:     Eileen P. Coyne
          Contract Specialist, (202)324-5722

COMMENTS: Interested parties are encouraged to respond by submitting a
statement, setting forth their qualifications, including experience and
education.  The qualifications statement should also include the linquists
complete name, address, social security number, phone number, date of
birth, citizenship, and we must have a copy of language test scores.  All
offerors who respond to the RFP will be subject to a background