Distance Learning and New Technologies in Education

AGENCY: Association for International Education

PROGRAM: This important conference will showcase a range of ongoing projects, studies and initiatives that reflect Russia's needs for changes in higher education, and the application of new information, telecommunications, and distance education technologies in the Russian educational and training sectors. The conference will become the vehicle for defining strategies, identifying priorities, allocating funds and providing facilities to various locally initiated training projects. The goal of the exhibition is to demonstrate modern information, communications, and multimedia technologies, along with their applications in Russian education and training contexts. It will provide conference participants with information on the state-of-the-art in creating the learning environments and classrooms of the 21st century.

MONETARY SUPPORT: Conference registration fee: payment before April 1, 1994 is $200.00; and payment after April 1, 1994 is $250.00.

DEADLINES: 01/01/94 04/01/94


          Association for International Education
          22 Shepkina
          Moscow, RUSSIA           129090

COMMENTS: The January 1, 1994 deadline is for submission of abstracts and
full papers.  Also this program is available on the internet system.