Joint International Fellowship Grants for Advanced Area and Comparative Research

AGENCY: Social Science Research Council

PROGRAM: Grants in support of advanced area and comparative research projects are offered to humanities and social science scholars who have demonstrated advanced research competence and hold the Ph.D. or its equivalent. Projects can focus on a country or an area, or on comparisons across countries or areas. Funders' requirements vary and individual area programs differ, however, so potential applicants should review the general guidelines and the program statements of the area(s) on which they plan to do research.

QUALIFICATIONS: Scholars who hold the Ph.D. or an equivalent degree and are U.S. citizens or have been resident in the United States for at least three consecutive years at the time of the application are eligible for most programs. U.S. citizenship is, however, mandatory for applicants to the program on the Soviet Union and Its Successor States. Candidates for academic degrees are not eligible.

MONETARY SUPPORT: The maximum award in most programs is $15,000.



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