Grants for Summer Language Institute for Russian and Soviet Languages other than Russian

AGENCY: Social Science Research Council

PROGRAM: These awards are available for summer language training programs in Russian and languages of the former Soviet Union other than Russian. The purpose of the awards, are to 1) provide fellowships to promising students enrolled in high quality intensive summer language training programs for the summer of 1993; 2) provide financial assistance to teachers enrolling in intensive summer language training programs; 3) support cultural activities to enhance the language curriculum; and 4) support the improvement of and additions to existing programs of summer language institutes.

QUALIFICATIONS: For summer language institutes for Soviet languages other than Russian, successful applicants will: 1) be an American credit- granting institution that confers undergraduate and graduate credits to students and in-service credits to teachers; 2) provide intensive training involving at least 20 and preferably 25 formal instructional contact hours per week; 3) offer training in the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking; and 4) offer extracurricular cultural and other support activities. For summer Russian language institutes, successful applicants will provide all of the above plus: 1) offer training in the Russian language at least at the third level in the four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening; and 2) provide evaluation of students' progress on the basis of oral and written pre- and post-testing procedures, using nationally standardized instruments.

MONETARY SUPPORT: $3,000 to $35,000

DEADLINES: 12/01/93


          Social Science Research Council
          605 Third Avenue
          New York, NY  10158