Soviet Union and It's Successor States Institutional Awards

AGENCY: Social Science Research Council

PROGRAM: These awards are available to university departments in disciplines which are underrepresented in post-Soviet studies, for the purpose of making fellowships available to first-year students enrolled in a Ph.D. program. For the 1993-94 academic year, awards will be made in the fields of sociology and anthropology.

QUALIFICATIONS: Applications will be accepted from sociology and anthropology departments at universities which also have other departments offering courses in post-Soviet studies. The selected departments must also have faculty able to support dissertations related to the Soviet Union and its successor states. Student fellowship recipients will be selected by the graduate departments which receive the awards, but they must have the following: 1) a minimum of two years of college-level Russian or other language of the former Soviet Union, and 2) relevant area preparation and interest in pursuing research in post-Soviet studies.

MONETARY SUPPORT: The award is for $15,000; $8,500 of this will be paid to the student as a stipend and the remainder will be paid to the institution in lieu of tuition. The recipient institution must participate in cost sharing by agreeing to waive overhead and tuition in excess of $6,500.

DEADLINES: 12/01/93


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