World Politics Dissertation Fellowships

AGENCY: Institute for the Study of World Politics

PROGRAM: The Institute for the Study of World Politics was established to promote scholarly examination of political, economic, and social issues that affect the security, well-being, and dignity of the peoples of the world. Each year approximately 25 fellowships will be awarded to young scholars whose work will develop knowledge and understanding essential to the resolution of fundamental international issues. The range of topics of interest is broad, including the following categories: limitation of strategic nuclear arms, control of the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and restriction of the growing international traffic in conventional weapons; development of means for the prudent and equitable distribution and management of technology, raw materials, energy, food, and other resources; development of more stable balances between these factors, population growth and migration, and the capacities of the natural environment. Additional topics of interest include improvement of levels of health, nutrition, education, economic security, and social welfare within the developing countries; establishment of more stable, mutually beneficial relationships between North and South; definition and recognition of fundamental human rights and development of more effective international mechanisms for the protection of such rights; and political and economic evolution of the states of central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and their relations with other states and with international organizations. Fellowships will be awarded for periods of three to nine months and may include funds for travel or other field- research costs if these are essential to the study. Additional information is available upon request.

QUALIFICATIONS: Fellowships are awarded to PhD candidates who have completed coursework and are conducting dissertation research. Awards are generally made to students of political science, economics, international relations, and history, although awards are made on occasion to students in other social science disciplines whose dissertations address topics of unusual significance for current policy. Applicants may be citizens of any country.

MONETARY SUPPORT: Fellowships vary in amount according to recipients' needs and resources.

DEADLINES: 02/16/94


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