Pan European Research Planning Groups Grants

AGENCY: Columbia University

PROGRAM: With a grant from the Ford Foundation, the Council for European Studies at Columbia University has expanded its research planning group program for the purpose of meeting the needs of scholarly exchange in the new Europe. The distinctive purpose of these grants is to foster and sustain collaborative research planning among North American, West European, and East European scholars by encouraging cooperative analyses of issues relevant to both Eastern and Western Europe. Areas that lend themselves to comparative research across the European continent include issues such as the processes of regime transition in Eastern Europe compared with democratization in Western and Mediterranean Europe; state divestment; new social movements; urban policy; ethnicity and nationality relations; new patterns of social stratification; the relationship between domestic and foreign policy; and the role of international and transnational organizations. There are no application forms. A completed proposal comprises five copies each of a narrative statement, a listing of scholars and their role in the division of labor within the group, an overall budget, and a projected schedule of meetings. A total of five new resarch planning groups over a four-year period will be established under the Ford Foundation grant. Additional information is available upon request.

QUALIFICATIONS: Proposals may be initiated by scholars based either in the United States or in Europe, provided that the group includes participants from several European countries as well as the United States. Prospective applicants are urged to send a draft proposal to the council well in advance of the deadline date and to consult past issues of the European Studies Newsletter, which publishes edited versions of research planning group proposals.



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