Training Programs for Europe from Central and Eastern Europe

AGENCY: Agency for International Development

PROGRAM: The Europe Bureau of the U.S. Agency for International Development, through Partners for International Education and Training (PIET), is soliciting applications for grants/cooperative agreements exclusively addressing training needs in Central and Eastern Europe. Proposed programs must focus on Support for Eastern Europe Democracy (SEED) Act Legislation priority training areas: Economic Restructuring, Democratic Institution Building, and Quality of Life. Although all of the three categories will be considered, a specific amount (33%) of the total award funds will be set aside exclusively for quality programs which provide training in Public Administration. The project places great emphasis on identifying and training leaders and potential leaders who can address the development needs as mandated in SEED Act Legislation.

QUALIFICATIONS: Universities, corporations, foundations, nonprofits, PVOs, associations, consortia and community organizations are eligible to apply. Historically Black Colleges and Universities, two-year colleges and consortia are encouraged to apply.

MONETARY SUPPORT: Total funding amounts requested from A.I.D. in your application should range from $50,000 to $250,000, excluding amounts which will be cost-shared. Approximately eight to ten grants will be allocated under this institutional competition. All grant activities will be cost- shared by the training providers. 75 percent is considered optimal, although somewhat lower thresholds (50% is considered minimum) may be allowable if all other ranking factor scores are high. These cost sharing elements must be clearly detailed in the application, citing type (in-kind or cash), and line item (administration or program). Applications must also specify whether matching contributions are in hand, or when they are expected.



          Agency for International Development
          Partners for International Education and Training
          1990 M Street, NW
          Suite 310
          Washington, DC  20036
ATTN:     Bev Frannea

COMMENTS: Closing date for responding to the solicitation will be stated
in the Request for Applications.