Fogarty International Research Collaboration Award Program

AGENCY: NIH-Fogarty International Center

PROGRAM: The main objective of this program is to facilitate collaborative research efforts between U.S. and foreign scientists that will expand and enhance the NIH-supported research program of the U.S. Principal Investigator, while at the same time benefiting the scientific interests of the collaborating foreign scientist. These small grants will provide funds to purchase supplies, materials, and small equipment items necessary to conduct the collaborative research in the foreign scientist's research laboratory at a nonprofit public or private institution in the eligible countries. All biomedical and behavioral research topics supported by the NIH are eligible for inclusion under this program in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the non-U.S. Caribbean.

QUALIFICATIONS: U.S. scientists who are principal investigators of NIH research project grants that will be active and funded during the proposed grant award period are eligible. The small grants will be made for work conducted in cooperation with scientists only in countries located in the geographical regions commonly known as Central and Eastern Europe (including the former USSR and the Baltic Republics), Latin America, the non-U.S. Caribbean, and for cancer-related research, Sub-Saharan Africa. The foreign collaborator must hold a position at a public or private nonprofit institution that will allow him or her adequate time and provide appropriate facilities to conduct the proposed research.

MONETARY SUPPORT: The small grants will provide up to $20,000 per year for up to three years in direct costs.

DEADLINES: 02/01/94 06/01/94 10/01/94


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