International Genome Research Collaborative Program for Central and Eastern Europe

AGENCY: NIH-National Center for Human Genome Research

PROGRAM: The main purpose of the International Genome Research Collaborative Program is to facilitate collaboration between U.S. and Central and Eastern European scientists that will enhance the NIH- supported Human Genome Program, while at the same time benefiting the genome programs of the collaborating foreign scientists and their home institutions. As a result of new developments in Central and Eastern Europe, some of these scientists are already working in U.S. laboratories to take advantage of new scientific and technological advances. A few of them have either initiated or participated in genomic research or have the types of expertise that could accelerate the progress of the Human Genome Program. To accomplish these goals, the NCHGR will provide financial assistance for extended visits by foreign scientists in U.S. laboratories and for the purchase of equipment and supplies to enhance the collaborative projects at foreign institutions.

QUALIFICATIONS: To be eligible for an International Genome Research Collaborative Award, the following conditions must be met: only U.S. institutions where there are currently funded grants from the NCHGR are eligible to apply; the U.S. applicant must be the principal investigator of an NCHGR research project grant that has at least one remaining year of support at the time the award is made; the foreign collaborator must be a citizen of a Central or Eastern European country; the foreign collaborator must demonstrate an association with an organized Human Genome Program in his/her own country; and the foreign collaborator must hold a position at a public or private non-profit institution in his/her home country that will allow him/her adequate time and provide appropriate facilities to conduct the proposed research.

MONETARY SUPPORT: Projects will be supported through the small grants (R03) mechanism. Up to $20,000 per year in direct cost to be used for materials, supplies, and equipment to support genomic research in the foreign laboratory or the work of the foreign collaborator while in the U.S. sponsor's laboratory; a maximum of $24,000 per annum in living expenses to support the stay of the foreign collaborator in the U.S. laboratory; the living expenses will be prorated at the rate of $2,000 per month; and travel expenses for the U.S. and foreign collaborators.

DEADLINES: 02/01/94 06/01/94 10/01/94


          NIH-National Center for Human Genome Research
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ATTN:     David A. Wolff, Ph.D.

RFP NUMBER: PA-92-67 CFDA CODE: 93.172