USIA University Affiliations Program

AGENCY: United States Information Agency

PROGRAM: The United States Information Agency is inviting applications for three-month, semester-long or longer two-way faculty exchange visits with partner institutions in foreign countries. Proposals may focus on one or more eligible academic disciplines, including social sciences, humanities, arts, business administration, education, environment, economic reform and conflict resolution, depending on the geographic area. Exchange regions include the following: Africa; American Republics; East Asia and the Pacific; Eastern, Central and Western Europe; Newly Independent Former Soviet States; and North Africa, the Near East and South Asia; The agency also invites proposals for three-way projects linking U.S. institutions with institutions in Canada and Mexico.

QUALIFICATIONS: Two- and four-year colleges and universities, including graduate schools, historically black colleges and universities, other institutions with significant minority student enrollment and consorita of higher education institutions. Overseas participants must be recognized by degree-granting post-secondary institutions and highly regarded independent research institutions.

MONETARY SUPPORT: The project budget must not exceed $120,000. The agency plans to make 20 awards.

DEADLINES: 11/08/94


          United States Information Agency
          University Affiliations Program
          Office of Academic Program, E/X
          301 4th Street, SW
          Room 349
          Washington, DC  20547
ATTN:     Camille Barone