Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships

AGENCY: Department of Education

PROGRAM: The Department of Education is making awards to nationally recognized centers of excellence in foreign language and area or international studies and for fellowship assistance to students undergoing advanced training in modern foreign languages and related area or international studies. National Resource Center projects should initiate or expand training activities for teachers and curriculum coordinators in elementary and secondary schools and higher education institutions, focus on a specific area or country or concentrate on international studies or topics of global importance. Projects also should focus on the following areas: Africa; Canada; East Asia; Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia; Inner Asia; Latin America; Middle East; Pacific Islands; South and Southeast Asia; or Western Europe. Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships supports students in a variety of humanities and social science disiciplines and professional fields.

QUALIFICATIONS: Higher edcucation institutions.

MONETARY SUPPORT: $17.6 million for about 105 awards averaging $167,000 each under the National Resource Center program, and $12.8 million for about 1,050 awards of $8,000 each for academic year fellowships and $1,500 each for summer intensive language fellowships under the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships program.

DEADLINES: 11/03/94


          Department of Education
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          Washington, DC  20202-5331
ATTN:     Ann L. Schneider, Ph.D.

CFDA CODE: 84.015