United States-Czechoslovakia Cooperative Science: Cooperative Research

AGENCY: National Science Foundation

PROGRAM: This program supports cooperative research projects in science and engineering designed and conducted jointly by principal investigators from the U.S. and Czechoslovakia. Interested persons should call the program office for current information before applying. Proposals may be submitted at any time of the year, but applicants are encouraged to submit by target date of May 1. Proposals may require as much as seven months for processing.

QUALIFICATIONS: U.S. universities and colleges, professional societies, research institutes, agencies affiliated with such organizations, and individual scientists and engineers may apply for support. Principal investigators/project directors should be U.S. scientists and engineers with professional experience equivalent to at least five years of postdoctoral scientific work.

RESTRICTIONS: Activities typically require approval of both NSF and its Czechoslovakian counterpart agency before funding is given in either country.

DEADLINES: 05/01/94


          National Science Foundation
          Directorate for Sci., Tech., & International Affairs
          Division of International Programs
          U.S.-Eastern Europe Cooperative Science Programs
          4201 Wilson Boulevard
          Arlington, VA  22230
ATTN:     Bonnie Thompson
          Program Contact, (703)306-1703