Nathan Cummings Foundation Grants

AGENCY: Nathan Cummings Foundation

PROGRAM: The objective of the foundation is the disbursement of yearly grants toward work in the arts, the environment, health, and Jewish life. In the arts, the foundation will support education, advocacy, and efforts to make existing institutions more accessible to members of disadvantaged groups. The environment program focuses on promoting energy efficiency, preserving natural resources, and reducing disparities between rich and poor. The foundation will also promote better medical care for the poor, new research in behavioral medicine, the relationship between the mind and the body, and work in biomedical ethics. The Jewish-life program will focus on social justice, spirituality, culture, and the relationship between Jews and non-Jews. The foundation supports projects in the U.S., Israel and the former Soviet Union in Jewish renewal and spirituality, examining the relationship between Jews and non-Jews and social justice. Interested organizations should send a one- to two-page letter of inquiry to the foundation.

QUALIFICATIONS: Nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions.

MONETARY SUPPORT: $9 million in 1992. 1993 funding is not yet set.



          Nathan Cummings Foundation
          885 3rd Ave, Ste 3160
          New York, NY  10022
ATTN:     Charles R. Halpern
          President, (212)230-3377