Soviet Union and Its Successor States Graduate Training Fellowships

AGENCY: Social Science Research Council

PROGRAM: These awards have as their purpose the support of students in their third, fourth, or fifth year of graduate study. The fellowships will extend for 12 months, subject to performance review at the end of the first six months. The fellowship may include intensive language training in the relevant languages of the region. Successful applicants to the graduate training fellowship program may be eligible for the Louis Dupree Prize for Research on Afghanistan and/or Central Asia.

QUALIFICATIONS: Students eligible to apply to this program are US citizens currently enrolled in a graduate program and have (1) strong training in the study of the Soviet Union and its successor states and propose related disciplinary or methodological training; or (2) previous training in a discipline and wish to acquire competence in the study of the Soviet Union and its successor states. Fellowship applications must present a coherent program of training outside of the normal course of study that may include support for intensive training in the languages of the former Soviet Union.

MONETARY SUPPORT: $15,000 annually for up to two years.

DEADLINES: 12/01/93


          Social Science Research Council
          Soviet Union and Its Successor States Program
          605 Third Avenue
          New York, NY  10158
ATTN:     Robert Huber

COMMENTS: The following programs are subject to the availability of funds.