International Security and Arms Control Fellowships

AGENCY: Stanford University

PROGRAM: These fellowships are awarded to contribute to the training of a new generation of scholars and practitioners thoroughly competent to deal with the complex technologies and hard political realities which characterize the fields of arms control and international security. The faculty offers an innovative and rigorous multidisciplinary research and training program in arms control studies for highly qualified men and women; however, the center does not confer degrees. Fellows are expected to spend the academic year in residence at the center completing the research and writing or their proposed projects and interacting with other fellows from different disciplines. The center also offers one or 2 fellowships each year for civilian and/or military officers attached to the U.S. government, members of military or diplomatic services from other countries, and journalists interested in arms control and international security issues. The value of fellowship awards is determined by the level of the student's graduate education, work experience, and number of dependents. Application forms and guidelines are available upon request from the center.

QUALIFICATIONS: Eligible to apply are students in the doctoral program who are interested in writing a dissertation on problems of arms control and international security as well as advanced scholars from U.S. and foreign universities, usually those who have recently completed a Ph.D. or equivalent degree and who wish to add a specialization in arms control and international security through a year of concentrated study. The center also welcomes applications from advanced graduate students and recent Ph.D.s who are not in need of direct financial support, but who might wish to spend a year at Stanford as arms control fellows. The center is especially interested in receiving applications from scholars interested in U.S.-Soviet security relations, regional security issues, problems of peace and international cooperation particularly in the Asian-Pacific area, and other innovative research topics. Women and minority applicants are also encouraged.

RESTRICTIONS: Funds are not available for summer support.

MONETARY SUPPORT: $12,000 for graduate students, approximately $24,000 for the 9-month academic year; some funds for research-related expenses

DEADLINES: 03/05/94


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