Center for Defense Information Internships

AGENCY: Center for Defense Information

PROGRAM: The center offers an intern program to undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates who have strong interests in U.S. military issues and related public policy issues. Interns perform a variety of professional support functions, but serve mainly as research and outreach assistants. They work closely with the center staff, usually with considerable responsibility. Intern projects have included such diverse research subjects as U.S. military nuclear wastes, U.S. arms transfer policy, and Soviet-American naval comparisons, as well as media activities. There is no preferred academic background. Fields of study might encompass the social and policy sciences, physical sciences, and pre- professional curricula. While prior course work in U.S. military issues and related public policy areas is not required, high academic achievements are important. Writing skills are essential. Interns are expected to work on a full-time basis for periods of 4 months.

MONETARY SUPPORT: Monthly stipend of $600

DEADLINES: 04/01/94 07/01/94 11/01/94


          Center for Defense Information
          Intern Programs
          600 Maryland Avenue, SW
          Washington, DC  20024
ATTN:     Mark Sugg
          Intern Program Coordinator, (202)862-0700