Brookings Institution Predoctoral Research Fellowships in Foreign Policy Studies

AGENCY: Brookings Institution

PROGRAM: A limited number of resident fellowships are awarded for policy- oriented predoctoral research in U.S. foreign policy and international relations. The fellowships are designed for doctoral candidates whose dissertation topics are directly related to public policy issues and thus to the major interests of the institution. Current Brookings topics place special emphasis on security policy and international economic issues and focus primarily on the regions of East Asia, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Research in each area examines both the substance of key issues and the processes by which they are resolved in and among governments. Fellowships will be awarded to scholars whose research will benefit from access to the data, opportunities for interviewing, and consultation with senior staff members afforded by the institution and by residence in Washington, DC. Fellows may participate in appropriate staff conferences and seminars of the institution and have access to the research resources available to resident staff members. Outstanding dissertations will be considered for publication by Brookings. Stipend is payable on a 12-month basis, 11 months of research in residence and one month of vacation. Nomination letters must be received no later than December 15. The institution will then communicate directly with the nominees who must return completed applications by February 15 in order to begin their fellowships between July one and September one.

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must be nominated by the graduate departments of their universities. Departments should nominate no more than 2 persons who should have completed the preliminary examinations for the doctorate no later than February 15. The institution particularly encourages the participation of women and members of minority groups.

RESTRICTIONS: Individual applications are not accepted.

MONETARY SUPPORT: Stipend of $10,000, supplementary assistance not to exceed $500, health insurance, and access to computer facilities

DEADLINES: 02/15/94


          Brookings Institution
          1775 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
          Washington, DC  20036
ATTN:     Richard K. Betts