United States-Japan Foundation Grants

AGENCY: United States-Japan Foundation

PROGRAM: The foundation's principal mission is to strengthen cooperation and understanding between the people of the U.S. and Japan. The foundation's basic mandate is to expand knowledge, increase meaningful human contact, and facilitate discussion of key issues. Grantmaking activities are focused in 3 main areas which support this mandate: Exchange of people and ideas--the foundation supports opportunities for Americans and Japanese to observe and understand each other at a personal level, primarily through carefully planned and substantively rich exchange and fellowship programs; Core groups--the foundation has established several nongovernmental channels for ongoing discussions between small groups of prominent experts who deal with some of the central issues in the U.S.-Japan relationship (Core groups are active in the fields of international finance, science and technology, Soviet studies, and industrial restructuring); Precollege education--the foundation supports improved instruction about Japan in American elementary and secondary schools and about the U.S. in Japanese schools. Regional programs feature teacher workshops, network organization, curriculum development, and intensive study tours.

QUALIFICATIONS: There are no formal grant application forms. Requests for grants are made in 2 stages, the first of which is a request for consideration, contained in a letter no longer than 3 pages, providing a description of the application organization, summary of the proposed project, present sources of funds, and the amount of the proposed grant. If there is interest, the applicant will be asked to submit a detailed prospectus of the project.

RESTRICTIONS: Falling outside the current interests of the foundation are undergraduate education, cultural performances or exhibitions, sports exchanges, student exchanges, scientific research, and research conferences. As a rule, grants cannot be made to individuals applying on their own behalf for independent study, research, travel, or participation in meetings.

MONETARY SUPPORT: Approximately $4.5 million total grants annually



          United States-Japan Foundation
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ATTN:     Ronald Aqua, Ph.D.
          Vice President, (212)481-8753