Institute of European Studies Scholarships

AGENCY: Institute of European Studies

PROGRAM: The Institute of European Studies and the Institute of Asian Studies offers financial aid to students studying for a semester or full- year at one of its centers abroad. IES centers are located in Durham, Freiburg, Kiev, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Nantes, Paris, Salamanca, and Vienna. IAS programs are located in Adelaide, Bangkok, Beijing, Nagoya, Singapore, Taiwan, Tokyo, and Yogyakarta. Financial aid is awarded on the basis of need and scholarship, and is applied to the comprehensive fee for the appropriate program. In addition, the University of Freiburg graciously provides financial assistance to selected Freiburg students through IES. Work scholarships are available at a number of centers and are assigned by the program director. Students in this program can earn up to $300 per semester. Write for application materials and further information to the institute; the catalog also gives complete details of programs and contacting information for all the centers.

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must be college juniors or senior who are US citizens and who have been accepted to an IES/IAS study abroad program.

MONETARY SUPPORT: $150-$4180 for full-year students; $150-$1860 for semester students



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