Soviet Union and Its Successor States Dissertation Fellowships

AGENCY: Social Science Research Council

PROGRAM: Fellowships awarded are intended to provide up to one year of support to students who have completed research for their doctoral dissertations and who expect to complete the writing of their dissertations during the next academic year. Application forms will be sent out on request after preliminary determination of eligibility by Russia and the Soviet Union program staff. Contact the council for explicit guidelines.

QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must be citizens of the United States specializing in any discipline of the social sciences and humanities in the study of the Soviet Union and its successor states.

MONETARY SUPPORT: Up to $15,000.

DEADLINES: 12/01/93


          Social Science Research Council
          Soviet Union and Its Successor States Program
          605 Third Avenue
          New York, NY  10158
ATTN:     Robert Huber
          Director, (212)661-0280