German Marshall Fund Media Program--Journalism Fellowships

AGENCY: German Marshall Fund of the United States

PROGRAM: The foundation is dedicated to increasing mutual understanding between the United States and Europe and has reshaped its program areas to include: exploring changing US-European economic roles; supporting reform in Central and Eastern Europe; building US-European environmental partnerships; and fostering US-European cooperation after the Cold War. In keeping with its program interests, the fund also sponsors the following journalism fellowships: Fellowships for American journalists, for three- week study tours in Germany. Contact Dr. Peter E. Pechel, Auf dem Girzen 4, W-5307 Watchtberg-Pech bei Bonn, FRG; six- to eight-week internships at German media organizations, available through an annual competition from the Arthur Burns US-German Journalist Exchange. Contact the Center for Foreign Journalists, 11690-A Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 22091; and four eight-week fellowships at Duke University for journalists from Poland and eastern Germany. Contact Dee Reid, Visiting Journalists Program, 4875 Duke Station, Durham, NC 27706.



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