German Marshall Fund Comparative Domestic Program--Environment Grants

AGENCY: German Marshall Fund of the United States

PROGRAM: The fund seeks to strengthen cooperation among US and European innovators so they can have maximum impact--locally, nationally, and internationally--in reducing the threat of global warming. To this end, the fund's staff works with professionals and policymakers in government, business, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in two areas related to global warming: integrated management policies in transportation, energy, efficiency, and other fields essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and use of economic tools, such as taxes, fees, and pricing mechanisms, to further environmental policies. The fund will support short-term transatlantic fellowships and study tours for US and European practitioners; workshops and conferences that bring together leaders of government, business, and NGOs; and NGO efforts to have governments and international organizations adopt more effective environmental policies. The fund also supports a separate environmental program in Central and Eastern Europe. Further information on either of these programs may be obtained by contacting the office.



          German Marshall Fund of the United States
          Environmental Programs
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ATTN:     Marianne L. Ginsburg
          Program Officer, (202)745-3950