Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Training Grants

AGENCY: Department of Education

PROGRAM: The Education Department (ED) is inviting applications for research, training and curriculum development projects by groups of teachers, university faculty and undergraduate and graduate students working in foreign countries. ED will fund only projects in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, East Central Europe, the Near East and North Africa, and South Asia. ED funds four types of projects. Short-term seminars usually last six weeks and focus on a specific aspect of areas studies to help group members intergrate international studies into a school district or institution's general curriculum. Curriculum development projects feature teams of teachers, administrators and/or university faculty members who spend six to eight weeks in a foreign country to develop or acquire resource materials for modern foreign language or area studies curricula. Group research or study and advanced overseas intensive language projects last two to 12 months.

QUALIFICATIONS: Higher education institutions, state education agencies and private nonprofit education organizations.

RESTRICTIONS: Projects involving construction of facilities or the purchase of real estate are not eligible for support. Grant funds may not be used for components of the projects implemented in the U.S.

MONETARY SUPPORT: ED has requested $2.3 million for the program in fiscal 1994, but Congress has not yet set final funding levels. ED plans to make about 30 awards. Grants cover participants' travel, living stipend, purchase of project-related materials in the country studied, rent for instruction facilities, clerical and professional services of resident instruction personnel and other expenses.

DEADLINES: 10/22/93


          Department of Education
          400 Maryland Avenue, SW
          Room 3052
          Washington, DC  20202-5332
ATTN:     Lungching Chiao, Ph.D.
          Director, (202)708-7283

COMMENTS: ED expects to announce its fiscal 1994 competition next month,
with an October 22 application deadline.
CFDA CODE: 84.021A