Visiting Scholars in Arms Control and Disarmament

AGENCY: Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

PROGRAM: The U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency supports visiting scholars to spend a year in one of the Agency's four bureaus. The emphasis is on the expertise and service which the visiting scholars can provide rather than on general interest in arms control and the pursuit of the scholars' own research. Scholars receive pay based on their regular salary, and travel and relocation allowances. The Agency's four bureaus are: the Bureau of Multilateral Affairs (scholars with knowledge of European political and military issues and familiarity with NATO defense doctrine); the Bureau of Verification and Intelligence (scholars who are physical scientists, operations analysts, or experts in Soviet strategy and doctrine); the Bureau of Strategic Programs (scholars with knowledge of basic physics and excellent writing and communications skills); and the Bureau of Nuclear and Weapons Control (scholars who are physical scientists--nuclear, chemical or military technologies; scholars from other fields should understand the role of arms control in national security, be familiar with weapons characteristics and capabilities and know political-military conditions in developing regions).

DEADLINES: 12/31/89


          Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
          Visiting Scholars Program
          320 Twenty-first Street, N. W.
          Washington, DC  20451
ATTN:     Personnel Office, Room 5722

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