The Eurasia Foundation is a new grantmaking organization established with financing from the US Agency for International Development to support economic reform and democratic institution building in the New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union. The Eurasia Foundation's initial grantmaking focus includes three areas: Private Sector Development, Public Sector Reform, and Media & Communications. The Foundation began operations on May 18, 1993.


AeroMap U.S., Inc. $73,480

Novosibirsk, Russia Project Director: Mr. Kenneth J. Ambrosius

To provide training at the Russian mapping institute Novosibirsk Institute of Engineers of Geodesy, Aerial Surveys and Cartography (NIIAG&K), in conjunction with the University of Alaska, to photogrammetry instructors in the use of advanced digital surveying and mapping technologies, in order to aid land privatization efforts.

American Institute of Business and Economics $50,000

Moscow, Russia Project Director: Dr. Edwin G. Dolan

In support of a management and economics training program in cooperation with Moscow State University. Innovative graduate-level programs include work study grants and internships with U.S. companies active in Moscow.

Association for Management Development $1,863

Russia Project Director: Dr. O. Vikhansky

To support publication costs of a handbook and teacher's guide for teaching management, which was distributed at a conference of Russian university professors of business. The handbook will be further distributed to provincial management teachers.

Atlantic Council of the United States $19,008

Russia Project Director: Mr. Peter Swiers

In support of a "Dialogue on Defense Industrial Redirection" in collaboration with the Institute for World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO). The dialogue will engage senior U.S. and Russian officials, corporate leaders, and academic specialists in order to support and encourage Russian industrial transition and restructuring.

Case Western Reserve University $69,650

Zelenograd, Russia Project Director: Dr. Robert Hisrich

Case Western University's Weatherhead School of Management will develop and implement a high school economics course to be piloted in the Zelenograd region of Russia, with potential broader application in Russia.

Center for Strategic and International Studies $11,264

St. Petersburg, Russia Project Director: Mr. Thomas R. Wheelock

To develop, produce and televise a one-hour business education program on the role of foreign investment in St. Petersburg in collaboration with St. Petersburg University, Comspan, Inc., and the International Action Committee for St. Petersburg.

Columbia University Libraries $25,000

Twelve countries of the former Soviet Union Project Director: Mr. David Magier

To purchase high quality textbooks on management, economics, and other social sciences for a wide range of partner institutions in the NIS (last year, forty-eight institutions participated in the library exchanges).

Connolly International $56,054

Russia Project Director: Mr. John J. Baranofsky

To support the training and participation of Russian high technolgy industry representatives at a specialized enterprise forum conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Drexel University $15,000

Tumen River Area, Russia Project Director: Dr. Roy U. T. Kim

To support the attendance of eight Russian delegates to a conference dealing with regional economic development of the Tumen River Delta Area in the Russian Far East.

Freedom Channel $50,000

Russia Project Director: Mr. Mikhail Kazachkov

In support of a three-part television series on the dangers and remedies of hyperinflation.

Geonomics Institute $31,464

Kola Peninsula, Russia Project Director: Mr. Michael P. Claudon

In support of the establishment of a Regional Development Authority in the Kola Peninsula, Russia.

George Mason University $161,378

Russia Project Director: Ms. Sandra Sweitzer

To provide support for specialized training and internships for 25 Russian financial services professionals. Project is cosponsored by the U.S. Treasury Department's Financial Services and the Soros Foundation.

Georgia State University $86,320

Moscow, Russia Project Co-Directors: Dr. Gary M. Winkle and Dr. H. Fenwick Huss

To develop new undergraduate business curriculum in conjunction with the Moscow University of Consumer Cooperatives and to train Russian faculty on how to teach these new courses.

International Foreign Policy Association $50,000

Tbilisi, Georgia Project Director: Dr. Jim Garrison

In support of management training seminars in Tbilisi, an extended training and internship program in California, and follow-up training in Tbilisi for managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. This project is being carried out in collaboration with the Tbilisi Business School, the University of California at Davis, Stanford University and the Georgian Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry.

INET Foundation $40,450

Moscow, Russia Project Director: Ms. Christina R. Lane

In support of a conference for Russian women entrepreneurs and others in collaboration with the Institute for World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) and Moscow State University. This two-day exchange will bring together Russian and American business people, NGOs, and academicians to discuss business ethics and behavior within a market economy.

Iowa/Stavropol Sister State Committee $33,920

Stavropol, Russia Project Director: Ms. Jane Van Voorhis

In support of sending three business professors and five graduate students of business to Stavropol, Russia to initiate business development seminars and to establish a small business center in collaboration with the Stavropol Pedagogical Institute.

Junior Achievement International $56,129

Belarus and Moldova Project Director: Mr. Sam Taylor

To pilot Junior Achievement's business and economics education programs in Belarus and Moldova.

Junior Achievement International $62,270

Russia Project Director: Mr. Sam Taylor

To strengthen its Russian economics education training efforts by establishing and formalizing a Russian board of directors to support and guarantee continuity in Junior Achievement of Russia's efforts.

Land O'Lakes $30,762

Kyrgyzstan Project Director: Ms. Kristin Penn

To support training for small business development and how to set up small business centers for a delegation from Karokol, Kyrgyzstan, to be carried out in Poland and Hungary.

New Economic School $100,000

Moscow, Russia Project Director: Dr. Gur Ofer

In support of a new economics training institute bringing high quality Western economics curricula to Russia. This program was jointly developed by Moscow State University, the Central Economics and Mathematical Institute (CEMI), and Hebrew University with cooperation from other Western universities. Involves leading economics professors teaching graduate-level courses and the development of curricula and programs to meet the needs of the next generation of Russian economists.

Project on Economic Reform in Ukraine $12,683

Ukraine Project Director: Mr. David Snelbecker

To sponsor a group of five Ukrainians involved in the privatization process in Prague for one week to learn about the Czech Republic's experience and to visit privatized enterprises.

Pushchino State University Agrocollege $168,000

Pushchino, Russia Project Director: Mr. V. Dynnik

To support the improvement of the Russian cattle industry and long-term development of the meat industry through the introduction of range-hardy cattle which can withstand the extremes of the Russian winter. The grant supplements the donation of the initial herd on the part of a major Colorado cattle ranch.

Resource Development Designs $89,005

Krasnoyarsk, Russia Project Director: Mr. Kevin Rubens

In support of a management training program and outreach center in conjunction with Krasnoyarsk State University and Michigan State University. The program will train managers of former military enterprises and others in the Krasnoyarsk region.

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College $17,865

Russia Project Director: Dr. Naomi Lawhorn

To support training of 20 Russian bankers through a specialized bankers' training course to be carried out in Richmond, Virginia.

Rural Enterprise Adaptation Program (REAP) International $57,760

Lake Baikal Region and Dmitrov, Russia Project Director: Mr. William Mueller

To provide support to enhance the training capabilities of four Rural Innovation Centers (RICs) in the Lake Baikal region and at Dmitrov in the NIS that provide training to private farmers and entrepreneurs on agribusiness-related issues.

Russian Far East Banker's Association $11,275

Far East, Russia Project Co-Directors: Mr. Michael Swider and Mr. Joel Montgomery

To support the further development of the Russian Far East Banker's Association to carry out bankers' training programs and other technical assistance programs to facilitate banking reforms in the Russian Far East.

Scientex Corporation $17,149

Ukraine Project Director: Mr. Daniel Wagner

To support a training mission to Poland for four Ukrainian small and medium sized enterprise experts on small business development and the establishment and operation of small business centers.

Stanford University - Center for International Security and Arms Control $64,264

Moscow and Saratov, Russia Project Director: Dr. Coit Blacker

In support of five case studies of Russian defense enterprises utilizing different strategies in the effort to convert and privatize. These studies were developed in cooperation with the Russian Institute for the Economy in Transition, Russia's Economic Reform Foundation, Moscow State University, the Science Development Applications Corporation (SAIC) and the U.S. Foundation for Enterprise.

Tax Foundation $125,000

Russia and Kazakhstan Project Director: Mr. Daniel Witt

To provide support to government officials in Russia and Kazakhstan for the development of tax and investment policies and regulations that engender the development of market economies and economic reforms.

Tufts University $127,050

Russia Project Director: Dr. Neva Goodwin

To develop and adapt a US undergraduate economics textbook to Russian conditions. This project is to be carried out jointly by Tufts University and the International University in Moscow.

University of California at Berkeley - Haas School of Management $50,000

St. Petersburg, Russia Project Director: Dr. David Teece

In support of a partnership with St. Petersburg University to develop management training programs.

University of Delaware $2,117

Minsk, Belarus Project Director: Dr. Kenneth R. Biederman

For support of transport expenses of computer and office equipment to the International Management Institute - Belarus.

University of Delaware $70,080

Kiev, Ukraine Project Director: Mr. Scott Stevens

To bring twenty-five students from the International Management Institute in Kiev to a five week training and internship program in Delaware.

University of Massachusetts at Amherst $72,673

St. Petersburg, Russia Project Director: Dr. Robert Hopley

To support a faculty exchange and training program in management and business between the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the St. Petersburg Management Training Center and the Management Department of the St. Petersburg University of Telecommunications.

University of Massachusetts - Amherst $61,011

Pskov, Russia Project Director: Dr. Meir Gross

To promote regional planning and economic development in the Pskov region of Russia through training and other support tot he Pskov Center for Regional Planning. The training is being carried out in collaboration with the Pskov Regional Administration and Pskov Polytechnic University.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln $79,298

Kyrgyzstan Project Director: Dr. Ronald D. Hampton

To support the development of the Kyrgyz-American School of Business at Kyrgyz State University in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, through faculty training, curriculum development, and the establishment of a computer lab and business library.

University of Nebraska at Omaha $99,392

Chisinau, Moldova Project Directors: Dr. Louis Pol and Dr. Larry Trussell

To support the development of a Small Business Development Center at the Academy of Economic Studies in Chisinau, Moldova, and to facilitate an exchange of business educators between the two universities.

Virginia Biotechnology Research Park $31,837

St. Petersburg, Russia Project Director: Mr. Robert E. Olson

To conduct a five-day training institute for 25 Russian scientists in medicine and biotechnology on how to develop and present business plans. The institute is part of a larger training program to educate and train Russian scientists on how to identify and commercialize promising Russian technologies.

WorldTeach $50,000

Kaliningrad, Russia Project Director: Mr. Steven Kirk

In support of business English training in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Zaporozhie Institute of Management, Business and Law $12,250

Zaporozhie, Ukraine Project Director: Mr. Kuznetsov

In support of the development of a student internship program at the Institute. Interns will participate in management training programs at selected companies.


American Ditchely Foundation $10,000

Multiple countries of the former Soviet Union Project Director: Mr. Charles W. Muller

In support of travel and maintenacne costs for six participants from Russia (excluding from Moscow) and from neighboring NIS countries for the confernce "Russia's Search for a Post-Communist Identity.

American Forests $4,500

Krivoi Rog, Ukraine Project Director: Mr. John Falconer

In support of sending two representatives to the "Nature Use in Ukraine" Conference, which is aimed at developing policy measures to assure sustainable economic development in the country. Following the conference, the two representatives will conduct an organizational assessment of their NGO counterpart in Ukraine.

American Forum for Global Education $125,136

Russia Project Director: Dr. Willard M. Kniep

In support of the "Russian Global Schools Initiative" of the Russian Ministry of Education in promoting globalization of the Russian secondary school curriculum and linking of schools in Russia and the United States.

American University of Armenia $72,600

Yerevan, Armenia Project Director: Dr. Mihran S. Agbabian

In support of the development of a three-term certificate program in Public Policy and Management. Courses will include Public Organizations and Management, Policy Processes and Institutions, and Government and Business.

Aral Sea Information Committee $50,088

Uzbekistan Project Director: Mr. William T. Davoren

In support of cooperative efforts with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of the Karakalpak region of Uzbekistan, including a two-month administrative internship in San Francisco for five regional NGO leaders.

Armenian Bar Association $17,850

Armenia Project Director: Mr. Thomas J. Samuelian

In support of the development of a legal database of new legislation in Armenia to be distributed to policy makers in Armenia and available to the public.

Association of the Bar of New York City $43,275

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Project Director: Mr. Scott Horton

To bring five Kyrgyz legal officials for a five week training and tour program in New York and California to assist in the development of an independent Bar in Kyrgyzstan.

Center for Civil Society International $89,500

Multiple countries of the former Soviet Union Project Director: Mr. M. Holt Ruffin

In support of programs providing information resources to "third sector" organizations in the NIS through directories, training materials, and international electronic mail communications.

Center for Human Rights Advocacy $35,000

St. Petersburg, Russia Project Director: Mr. William Cohen

To support the Criminal Justice Advocacy Institute project which will train Russian criminal justice professionals in the theory and operation of a criminal justice system.

Center for Post-Soviet Studies $50,000

Russia Project Director: Dr. Murray Feshbach

In support of an "Environmental and Health Atlas of Russia" to be used by Russian policy makers in economic development programs.

Center for Strategic and International Studies $56,000

Ukraine Project Director: Mr. Janusz Bugajski

In support of policy working groups and bi-annual meetings between senior policy makers in Ukraine and the United States. Co-funded by Soros Foundation and Archer Daniels Midland.

Citizen Exchange Council $10,000

Tambov, Krasnoyarsk and Moscow, Russia Project Director: Ms. Mary Shea

To support a delegation of three Russian educators to the North American Association for the Environmental Education conference in Big Sky, Montana in September 1993.

City of Des Moines, Iowa $18,945

Stavropol, Russia Project Director: Mr. John P. Bryan

In support of public administration training programs by the city of Des Moines with municipal officials from its sister city Stavropol, Russia.

City of Kalamazoo, Michigan $12,000

Pushkin, Russia Project Director: Ms. Doreen L. Skardarasy

In support of a ten day "Urban Economic Development Summit" between civic and business leaders of partnership cities Pushkin, Russian and Kalamazoo, Michigan, in conjunction with the Global Network for Human Development.

City of Nizhny Novgorod $6,275

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Project Director: Mayor Dmitri Bednyakov

In support of the development of a new city charter with the aid of local Peace Corps volunteers.

Civic Education Project $145,878/2 years

Russia Project Director: Mr. Kerry S. McNamara

The Civic Education Project places recent social science PhD graduates in one year teaching assignments throughout Eastern Europe and parts of the former Soviet Union. Eurasia Foundation support will be for administrative and programmatic costs associated with the extension of CEP's programs into Russia.

Columbia University $10,000

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Project Director: Dr. Richard Ericson

In support of the Harriman Institute conference "Nizhny Novgorod: A Russian Success Story?" analyzing reform and international technical assistance efforts in one Russian city.

Columbia University $25,000

Tajikistan Project Director: Dr. Barnett R. Rubin

In support of participant expenses for the conference "Resolution of the Conflict in Tajikistan" organized by the Center for the Study of Central Asia, the Harriman Institute and the School of International and Public Affairs.

Conflict Resolution Research and Resource Institute $86,620

St. Petersburg, Russia Project Director: Mr. Scot C. Domergue

In support of the St. Petersburg Community and Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Center's training and education programs for community-based conflict resolution strategies.

Democracy Seminar Project $16,000

Ulan Ude, Yacnogorsk, Ekaterinburg, Project Director: Ms. Sarah C. Lindemann Novosibirsk, Russia and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

In support of curriculum development and training efforts involving social and democratic development at various Siberian and Central Asian universities.


Belarus Project Director: Mr. Randy Kritkausky

In support of bringing four Belarusian government employees to the U.S. to learn about drafting environmental legislation at the federal, state and local levels. This will enable Belarus to develop appropriate policies towards environmental problems caused by Chernobyl.

Foundation for a Civil Society $12,260

Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus Project Director: Mr. Tim Phillips

In support of travel costs for a delegation from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus to the regional conference "Disqualification Measures in Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union."

Foundation for Global Community $35,000

Armenia, Azerbaijan Project Director: Mr. William H. Busse

To support a week-long working seminar designed to facilitate discussion and communication between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Foundation for Social Innovation $99,715

Moscow, Russia Project Director: Dr. Leeda Marting

To place ten leaders of Russian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in internships in New York NGOs, and to support ongoing programs.

Freedom House $112,393

Ukraine Project Director: Mr. Adrian Karatnycky

In support of joint efforts between Freedom House and its Ukrainian partners preceding the March parliamentary elections in Ukraine. Activities will include nationwide polling, establishment of a Ukrainian media observation team, and a six-part series of roundtable discussions for Ukrainian television.

Harvard Project on Economic Reform $35,607

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Project Director: Ms. Staci Warden

To send three graduate students of economics for two month internships in the Ministry of Finance of Kyrgyzstan to provide technical assistance and advice on macroeconomic reforms and currency issues. The program will also include one week visits to Bishkek by two senior American economists to provide advice on macroeconomic issues.

Institute for EastWest Studies $107,650

Russia Project Director: Mr. John Mroz

In support of a six-month joint program with the State Property Fund of Russia (GKI) involving bankruptcy legislation. The program will include five case studies, two seminars, and a joint conference.

Integrated Conservation and Development Planning Project $23,900

Primorye Region, Russia Project Director: Ms. Julia Levin

In support of policy advice for regional business development of the Udegei people of the Bikin River Basin in the Primorye Region of the Russian Far East.

ISAR (formerly the Institute for Soviet-American Relations) $25,000

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Project Director: Ms. Eliza Klose

In support of volunteer assistance at the Eco-Center "Dront", as well as general environmental NGO development in the Volga region.

Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies $19,500

Moscow, Russia Project Director: Ms. Nina Belyaeva

In support of a working seminar, in conjunction with the Interlegal Research Center in Moscow, addressing the role of emerging Russian policy institutes in political and economic policy reform.

Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies $61,310

Yaroslavl, Russia Project Director: Mr. Daniel Abele

For a public management training and internship program for city managers in Yaroslavl and neighboring cities. The program involves an initial training program for 25-30 local administrators in Yaroslavl, and will be followed by a six week internship program in the US for the ten most promising students.

Legacy International $83,000

Uzbekistan Project Director: Dr. Ira Kaufman

In support of the program "Responsible Tourism Development in Uzbekistan" in partnership with Uzbek Tourism authorities in development of regional tourism strategies and training capabilities.

Linkages of Rochester $12,940

Novgorod, Russia Project Director: Mr. Richard S. Fitts

In support of public administration survey and training programs between sister cities Rochester, New York and Novgorod, Russia.

Lutheran Hospital - La Crosse $25,538

Dubna, Russia Project Director: Ms. Sandra J. McCormick

In support of a municipal training program between sister cities of La Crosse, Wisconsin and Dubna, Russia.

Oblast of Nizhny Novgorod $12,500

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Project Director: Mr. Igor Moskaev

In support of the Office of International Relations for the Oblast of Nizhny Novgorod in the implementation of an integrated international public communications strategy for the oblast.

Pacific Environment and Resources Center $54,000

Multiple countries of the former Soviet Union Project Director: Dr. Armin Rosencranz

In support of the "Visiting Environmental Law Fellows Program" for environmental lawyers from multiple countries of the NIS.

Points of Light Foundation $73,689

Moscow, Russia Project Director: Dr. Margaret McLaughlin

In support of development training programs for staff and affiliates of the Moscow Charity House, a social service organization based in Moscow. Training will focus on organizational management, financial management and program planning.

Project on Economic Reform and Development in Central Asia $24,970

Uzbekistan Project Director: Mr. Raymond M. Viers

In support of the "Friends of Uzbekistan" roundtable of Western technical assistance providers in Uzbekistan; "Work/Study Agency" placing talented Uzbek college students as interns in Western technical assistance groups in Uzbekistan; and general operating expenses of PERDCA.

Project on Economic Reform in Ukraine $99,968

Ukraine Project Director: Mr. David Snelbecker

In support of the establishment of an information system on economic reforms to assist Ukrainian policy makers.

Rutgers University $80,000

Russia Project Director: Dr. Joseph Blasi

In support of post-privatization enterprise surveys to assist the Russian State Committee on Property in privatization policy formulation.

San Jose State University $9,571

Ekaterinburg, Russia Project Director: Dr. Peter F. Lester

In support of a ten-week administrative internship for Dr. Nikolai Yasenev, prorector at the Ural Polytechnic Institute, to further cooperative programs between partner institutions San Jose State University and the Ural Polytechnic Institute.

Search for Common Ground $93,853

Russia Project Director: Mr. John Marks

In support of training programs in mediation and arbitration for the headquarters and ten regional centers of the Russian Service for the Settlement of Labor Disputes.

Shady Hill School $15,000

Dubna and Ekaterinburg, Russia Project Director: Ms. Vera Nordal

For airfares for twelve Russian elementary school teachers from Dubna and Ekaterinburg to be placed in Boston public and private elementary schools to observe, participate in, and learn about the democratic aspects of American education.

University of Maryland at College Park $3,827

Russia Project Director: Dr. David Falk

In support of the participation of Mr. Edward Bouret, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Property Fund, in a land use training seminar.

US-Ukraine Foundation $78,015

Ukraine Project Director: Ms. Nadia McConnell

In support of publication and information programs of the Pylyp Orlyk Institute in Kiev, Ukraine.

Vladimir/Canterbury Sister City Association of Bloomington/Normal, Illinois $5,500

Vladimir, Russia Project Director: Ms. Wanda Hoover

To purchase airline tickets and produce printed materials for a municipal training seminar in Vladimir.

Women of the World $10,000

Russia and Ukraine Project Director: Ms. Lynne Hinkle

In support of election process training for women cadiates in Kiev and St. Petersburg.


Duke University $111,759

Multiple countries of the former Soviet Union Project Director: Dr. Ellen Mickiewicz

In support of several projects of the Commission on Radio and Television Policy, including media policy guidebooks, airfare for Commission participants, visiting policy fellows and a Charter of Media Independence.

East-West TV $99,440

Twelve countries of the former Soviet Union Project Director: Dr. Arthur Obermayer

For the development of six documentaries on the experience of NIS participants in American technical assistance/training exchanges to be broadcast in the NIS.

Freedom Channel $99,915

Russia Project Director: Mr. Mikhail Kazachkov

In support of on-going work of the Moscow television production company "Persona" in the development and broadcast of programming related to economic and democratic reform.

Globe Independent Press Syndicate $50,800

Russia Project Director: Mr. Victor Davidoff

In support of the "Freedom Link Computer Network" providing by electronic mail international sources of information to regional newspapers in Russia.

International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) $106,639

Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and Georgia Project Director: Mr. Tony Byrne

To promote the use of electronic mail (e-mail) among non-commercial civic groups and individual scholars through the creation of public access e-mail stations, training programs, and the selective distribution of modems and sponsored e-mail accounts.

Internews $14,000

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine Project Director: Mr. Eric Johnson

In partial support of a two-week US training and internship program for managers of non-governmental television stations in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.

ISAR (formerly the Institute for Soviet-American Relations) $5,000

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Project Director: Ms. Eliza Klose

In support of the organization's Eco-Information Center in Nizhny Novgorod.

KSKA Anchorage $110,637

Anadyr, Magadan and Providenya, Russia Project Director: Mr. Robert Howk

In support of a five-month training program on radio and television production, basic journalism and communication, and business practices for managers and reporters from radio and television stations in the Russian Far East. The business training will be carried out in collaboration with the University of Alaska.

New York University - Center for War, Peace, and the News Media $125,420

Russia Project Director: Dr. Robert Karl Manoff

For the development of three satellite centers of the Moscow-based Russian American Press Information Center in other regions of Russia.

Sacred Earth Network $52,000

Multiple countries of the former Soviet Union Project Director: Mr. Bill Pfieffer

In support of strengthening ongoing efforts at linking NIS environmental groups by e-mail

Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Committee $10,000

Multiple countries of the former Soviet Union Project Director: Mr. David Endicott

In support of the Summer 1994 St. Petersburg workshop "New Media for a New World" addressing the influence and potential of new electronic data services for reform efforts in the NIS.

Yeshiva University $20,000

Russia Project Director: Dr. Monroe E. Price

In support of the Cardozo School of Law Moscow Summer Institute on Broadcasting and Press Law in Russia.