East-West Information Server

provides an e-mail access for scientists and practicioners outside the
Former Soviet Union to information about scientific and technical
activities in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe: International
Conferences, Exhibitions, books awailable in Englihs or other european
languages etc. The server is managed by the
International Center of Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI)
located in Moscow, Russia. ICSTI is known in the world as the organizer
and sponsor of a number of "East-West" international conferences in
different areas of information technology: On-Line Information, Computer
Technologies in Education, Open Systems, Human-Computer Interaction and
Artificial Intelligence. The server provides information about all
forthcoming East-West conferences and previously published books.
Also, the information is provided about a number of forthcoming conferences
which have an international status, or invite attendees from outside FSU.

To get an information from the server you have so send an e-mail letter to
ewinfo@icsti.msk.su with one or more query COMMANDS.

The following commands are interpreted:

- get short abstracts of all existing information files

- get short abstracts of all NEW information files
(the abstracts which you have not got by previous ABSTRACTS and NEW commands)

- get a file (all files are in ASCII)

SUBMIT ( your information file follows)
- submit an information file to be stored and distributed by the server
(the letter with SUBMIT should not contain other commands)

- get this help file

Other information servers supported by ICSTI primarily for FSU community
are suuginfo, aiedinfo and hdsadmin. Send questions and suggestions to
plb@plb.icsti.su or mumi@icsti.msk.su