Information on the transition in Russia's economy as well as information on international business will be posted here.

Economics and Life is the Russian language publication providing complete information about the Russian business and economic environment -- information on new legislation, as well as information on how to do business in Russia, tax information and legislation, information on banking and finance, insurance, real estate and investments, goods markets, customs regulations, stock exchange market, etc.

Russian Business Information Activity Web page allows the reader to identify the commodity groups most demanded on the Russian market, as well as to determine the regional differences in the intensity of business activity. It makes possible trend analysis (starting in February 1995) and tracking other developments in the entrepreneurial activities in the Russian marketplace.

Visit the Kobler Currency Converter to find currency exchange rates relative to the US Dollar. The Kobler Currency Converter also has the Russian Ruble currency exchange rates.

The St. Petersburg Business Journal is on-line and available here. Rules and Regulations in Russia contains information on commercial law, investments, taxation, and intellectual property.

Siberia is the one of the most famous regions of Russia. Information about this emerging area collected on the new Siberia: Culture - Economy - Business server includes social, cultural, historical, geographical, economic development, and business in Siberia including facts, experts' evaluations of Siberia markets and opinions of foreign businessmen that do business here.

The Mir House can source and market products, opportunities, and information throughout the world.

CCET: The Centre for Co-Operation with the Economies in Transition is pleased to inform you that it now has information available on the Internet.

The Russian Economy Resource Center contains information on the Russian economy and organizations in the Pacific Northwest that actively deal with Russia and the NIS.

BISNIS Online is the United States Department of Commerce's Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) World Wide Web server. Recent issues of the "BISNIS Bulletin", trade leads, country and commercial overviews for the NIS, and numerous reports on sources of finance can now be accessed. We also maintain an archive of some of the BISNIS documents on our server. BISNIS has also provided some additional information reports.

Announcing a new WWW Server devoted to Russian Businesses in America. "Web Ideas International" provide several databases -- Russian Businesses in America Database, Russian Yellow Web Pages, etc.

The Okno Group's WWW server contains information about consulting and trade services related to East Europe and the former Soviet Union as well as information on the Okno Group's publication, the East/West Letter.

"North Atlantic Resources is an export trading company that specializes in Russian business." Their server explains their business including the exporting of consumer products, industrial equipment, business technology, and economic data. They also have valuable information about "Russia, Trade and the Internet.

Russian Trade Connections is the online version of the printed publication by the same name. It contains articles which covers U.S./Asia/Russia business and investment and includes features on various industries, updates on the Russian consumer goods market and company profiles plus other important information.

The United States Industry Coalition (USIC) is a coalition of U.S. industries working closely with ten DOE National Laboratories for the purpose of facilitating commercial interactions between U.S. businesses and entities of the New Independent States (NIS) of the Former Soviet Union (FSU). Partnerships are formed involving U.S. industry, the DOE laboratories, and the NIS to pursue industry-defined projects that are commercially promising.

West Research has comprised a listing of NIS Financial Market information including a listing of Russian commercial banks, sources of finance plus other valuable resources.

Brenden West, owner of West Research, has begun a mailing list to support the Russian Economy Resource Center by fostering discussion of economic issues in the FSU. This list, Eurasia-l, is moderated, but open to all readers. To subscribe to Eurasia-l, one need only send a message to, with the text: subscribe eurasia-l

The Cooperation Committee is an international organization, based on an agreement among governments of Japan and 12 New Independent States (excluding three Baltic states) (Former Soviet Union). It describes Japan's official assistance to NIS mainly through the Cooperation Committee. This assistance is designed to help the fSU with their transition and includes such areas as technical and humanitarian assistance, elimination of nuclear weapons, cultural exchange, funding and multilateral cooperation. This server is available in Japanese, English and Russian.

We maintain an index and archive of Dr. Petrus Johannes van de Waal Palms' economic related documents.

FinanceNet is an independent public Internet network established by Vice President Gore's National Performance Review in Washington, D.C. and operated by the National Science Foundation. FinanceNet reaches across geopolitical boundaries to link financial management staff, educators and taxpayers worldwide to catalyze continuous improvements in gov't employee productivity and in the stewardship and accountability of taxpayer resources.

The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, non-partisan organization with leaders and members in the U.S. and Russia and is the nation's leading trade association whose mission is to develop and facilitate U.S. trade, investment and commerce in the Russian marketplace. They are dedicated to enhancing American competitive advantage in one of the most promising global markets of the 21st century. The Chamber serves the American business community as an expert source on business and commercial developments in Russia. Membership includes a subscription to Russian Commerce News.

Economic Developments in Cooperation Partner Countries From A Sectoral Perspective is a set of 13 papers republished, with permission, by NATO. This is the latest in a series bringing together papers presented at the NATO colloquia organised by the NATO Economics Directorate and Office of Information and Press on economic issues in the former USSR and Central and East European countries.

The International Institute for Applied Sciences Analysis' Economic Transition and Integration Project is scheduled to run until 1996. The overall objective of the EIT Project is to identify and study the crucial problems of the economic transistion of the former communist countries with the help of comparative analysis and collaborative research.

RINACO Plus is a brokerage house located in Moscow. They provide all types of services and information about the emerging Russian securities market including an Overview of the Russian Securities Market.

The Internet Securities Database on Central and Eastern Europe and Russia provides financial, market and industry information on-line. There is a demonstration of this database available. This service includes text search, the open systems approach and an easy user interface.

The International Small Business Consortium (ISBC) has the mission of creating and providing, for free, an international infrastructure for small businesses as the world moves towards a "borderless international economy". ISBC was formed so people with Internet (or at least e-mail) access could use their expertise to provide a service to those businesses that do not have Internet access.

The NATO Gopher service is well worth a visit.

Russia and the West: An Endangered Relationship? -- an interesting paper from the "NATO Review" series generously made available by the NATO Centralized Media Service.

Czech Republic: A Case Model, Draft Special Report is an interesting (and large - 65K) report from NATO dealing with the economic transition of the Czech Republic.

The Project on Economic Reform and Development in Central Asia (PERDCA) encourages, facilitates and supports technical assistance (TA) efforts directed towards the Central Asian Republics of the former Soviet Union. PERDCA has been active with resident Western representation in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for more than a year.

An announcement describing the International Trade Bulletin Board System is available here.

Dave Wells sent us an interesting article by Geoffery York of The Globe and Mail. From Marx to Mammon is about Russia's "new rich" and the changing socioeconomic classes.

Some interesting resources in the area of economics and business include:

The American Political Science Association (APSA) has established a gopher server to provide access to online resources useful for political science research and teaching. From Vienna, Austria, we have placed a hook to an excellent gopher server dealing with financial and economic issues.

The Financial / Economic Network -- a network for scholars and related individuals in investment banks, banks, companies, government agencies, international agencies, and firms engaged in economic research related to finance and financial markets. Currently has over 1500 subscribers.

The National Business Incubation Association (NBIA)

The Russian Graduate School of International Business.

The World Bank WWW Server.

The World Bank Public Information Center.

USENET news group sci.econ.

Economics gopher server at University of Michigan. - OR -

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