International Assembly for Human Rights Protection


ul. Azovskaia 4-88
113149 Moscow
Tel: 126-1611
Tel/Fax: 310-1683
Contact: Mikhail G. Arutiunov, President; Irina M. Baber
The assembly was formed in December 1997 with the objective to unite human rights organizations in post-Soviet Russia because "after the disintegration of the USSR, many human rights organizations were formed, but they did not coordinate their efforts. Hence, in most of the post-Soviet states the human rights protection movement did not become a mass movement and the image of a human rights activist was compromised."

The assembly was founded by individuals and legal entities such as the Public Center for Promoting Criminal Legislation Reform, the Association for Protection of the Handicapped, Interlegal, the Mercy and Healthcare Foundation of the Russian Federation, the Society for Promoting Human Rights Protection in Central Asia, Foundation for Development of Muslim Peoples, the Guild of Attorneys of the Russian Federation, and some others.

The assembly has branch offices and representatives in many regions of the Russian Federation as well as Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, and Ukraine. It collaborates with foreign and international public organizations such as the Open Society Institute and the International Migration Organization.

The assembly works to promote broad protection of human rights, including the rights of forced emigrants and political refugees and the social and economic rights of citizens. Activities conducted by the assembly in 1997-1998 include:

Last updated:    February 1999

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