ORT-Russia (Educational Resources and Technological Training)


ul. Novoslobodskaya 57
103055 Moscow
Tel: 251-9275
Tel/Fax: 972-1410
E-mail: irana@ort.ru
Web: www.ort.ru
Contact: Irana Mojeiko, Director of ORT-Russia International Cooperation
ORT-Russia's mission is to "provide practical training in institutional development, professional skills, and modern technologies in order to enable individuals and institutions to earn income and contribute to the advancement and well-being of the Russian society." The group has participated in a number of projects such as Computer Training and Information Support of NGOs and NGO Help-Desk under the Civic Initiatives Program for Democratic and Economic Reform in Russia, funded by USAID. It has trained and provided technical support to over 3,000 NGO representatives in six different locations in Russia, designed an NGO database, and trained 30 Webmasters for NGOs.

Under a vocational training project funded by the Ministry of Labor and the World Bank, ORT rendered technical assistance to 34 regional training centers of the Federal Employment Center and trained 200 specialists in program development, labor market analysis, advanced instructional techniques, and use of computer technologies. ORT-Russia has 14 regional centers in the CIS. Its partner, World ORT Union, is based in London.

Last updated:    July 1999

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