NAN: No to Alcoholism and Drug Addiction


ul. Shvernik, 10-a
Moscow 117449
Tel. (7 095) 126-3475
Fax. (7 095) 310-7076
Contact: Oleg V. Zykov, MD, Ph.D., President

The Russian charitable foundation NAN (No to Alcoholism and Drug Addiction) was established in Moscow in 1987. In September 1991, NAN registered as a nonprofit all-Russian social organization with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, and in 1995, NAN became associated with the Department of Information and Public Relations of the United Nations.

The NAN Foundation's primary goal is to counteract the consequences of chemical dependency in Russian society. To date NAN has been active primarily in the following three areas:

Professional / Medical

Foreign organizations that have worked with NAN in the professional/medical field:

  1. Salus International (San Fransisco, US)
  2. State Science Narcological Center (Russia)
  3. Moscow Medical Academy
  4. International Institute for Alcohol Education
    and Treatment (Connecticut, US)
  5. Center For Citizen Initiatives (San Fransisco, US)
  6. Psychiatric Clinic "Blumendal" (Holland)
  7. Lakeside Recovery Center (Idaho, US)
  8. International Organization of Good Templars (UK)
    (a worldwide association of social organizations
    developing anti-narcotic programs since 1851)
Social care for juveniles

Foreign organizations that have worked with NAN to protect juveniles:

  1. "Equilibre" (France)
  2. "Medicins sans Frontieres" (Brussels, Belgium)
  3. Echanges et Valeurs Est-Ouest (France)
  4. Corf-Drobs organizations (Bavaria, Germany)
  5. Centrepoint (Great Britain)
  6. European Federation of National Organizations
    Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA)

Social movement formation

NAN works with the following organizations in Russia and abroad for social reform:

  1. Eurasia Foundation (US)
  2. Charities Aid Foundation (Great Britain)
  3. Charitable foundation "Human Soul" (Russia)
  4. Charitable foundation "Soprichastnost" (Russia)
  5. Russian Volunteer Center
  6. United Way International
  7. World Learning (US)

Last updated:    July 1997

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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