Moscow Media Law and Policy Center


P.O. Box 351 (postal address)
103009 Moscow
Mokhovaya 9 (street address)
Dept. of Journalism
Moscow State University
103009 Moscow
Tel/fax: (095) 203-9388, 203-6571, (503) 737-3371
Email: and
Contact: Andrei Richter
The center maintains an extensive Web site on media law in Russia, which it updated and expanded in 1998, dramatically increasing the amount of information available. The site is available in Russian and English and offers an extensive amount of sources in full-text format. The site was developed with support of the Know How Fund in the UK and with technical assistance from Internews. In late 1998, the center held a conference for lawyers, policymakers and professionals on the legal aspects of mass media licensing and communications organizations in Russia and in the West. A report of the conference's proceedings was published in early 1999.

Last updated:    May 2001

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