"Right to Life and Human Dignity" Society


Louchnikov per. 4, kom. 19
103982 Moscow
Tel: (095) 206-8589, 276-4183
Fax: (095) 963-9929
Contact: Victor Kogan-Yasni, Presi-dent; Oleg Konstantinovich Chirikov, Executive Director

This society was established in 1990 to oppose capital punishment in the former USSR. Since then it has expanded its focus to both articles 3 and 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ("Every person shall have the right to life . . . No one may be subjected to torture, cruel or humiliating treatment or punishment.")

Principal activities include legal aid to those who cannot afford it; prison reform; organizing help for "socially unprotected categories of people;" and human rights monitoring.

Activities are primarily in Russia, but include Tajikistan and other Central Asian states–especially with regard to the capital punishment issue.


Against the Death Penalty: A Collection of Materials
(1992, Moscow) In Russian. 48 pages. A collection of four essays by specialists in the human rights field which examine the state of the death penalty in Russia. Funding and assistance for the publication was provided by Amnesty International, the Cultural Initiative Fund and the New York Project Group on Human Rights.
Right to Life and Human Dignity Society Articles in Newspapers, 1993-1994
(1994, Moscow) In English. 16 pages. English translations of four articles written by the Director of "Right to Life and Human Dignity" Society which appeared in Russian newspapers. Funding for this publication was provided by the European Human Rights Foundation.
The Attitude to the Problem of the Death Penalty
(1994, Moscow) In Russian and English. 16 pages. This booklet contains the results of a sociological research project examining the public attitude towards the death penalty in Russia. The research was conducted by Yankolevich Partners International and funded by the European Human Rights Foundation.
Right to Life and Human Dignity Society's Newsletter
Monthly newsletter published since 1994. Usually runs eight pages and includes information on group activities and commentary on human rights issues and current events.

Last updated:    January 1997

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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