Union of Young Lawyers of the Russian Federation


Krasnaya ploschad
103012, Russia
Tel: (095) 238-8885
Fax: (095) 246-2020
E-mail: iplawyer@redline.ru
Contact: Vyacheslav Valer'evich Grib; Oleg Vasil'evich Lupaina (Vice President);
Alex V. Koshelev, Head of the Department of Regional Development

The Union of Young Lawyers is a public organization which unites more than 3000 young lawyers from all parts of Russia with regional affiliated organizations and agencies practically in all territorial entities of the Russian Federation. These affiliated organizations and agencies are united into a universal information net. The Union also embraces 15 sectional law centers doing both scientific and practical work in the main fields of legal thought. Union agencies do editorial, publishing, reference and informational, and consulting work. They also provide employment and support for young lawyers, establish and develop cooperation with foreign law schools and public organizations of young professionals.

The Union of Young Lawyers is a founder of five monthly law publications with a circulation of more than 50 thousand copies distributed across the whole of the Russian Federation. In close cooperation with the organs of government and administration the Union carries out a number of long-term Russia-wide programs aimed at realizing the concept of legal reform and propagating knowledge of law among the population including taking an active part in the working out and discussion of draft laws on the most burning problems of the Russian society.

The Union of Young Lawyers is the author of and participant to a number of international projects aimed at experience exchange and establishing mutually beneficial cooperation between young lawyers of all countries. It possesses unique data bases on the legislation of Russia, its territorial entities, and also on the legislation of the countries of the Community of Independent States and the states of Baltics, providing an efficient inter-regional and inter-sectional exchange of legal and economic information.

The Union of Young Lawyers participates actively in charitable activities by creating new and supporting old charitable foundations, providing free-of-charge legal service for poverty-stricken and needy people, encouraging and supporting the most gifted under- and post-graduate students and young instructors of law schools.

Finally, The Union of Young Lawyers is a public and political life of tomorrow's Russian intellectual elite. Scientific and practical conferences, seminars and round tables, presentations, concerts and parties are held with the support and participation of the Union. The Union of Young Lawyers works with a direct and active support of state and law-enforcement authorities, socio-political and commercial establishments, domestic and foreign law schools and ordinary people, in short, everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of Russia and humanity.

This organizational description was sent to CCSI from Alexey Koshelev of the Young Lawyer's Association.

Last updated:    January 1997

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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