International Relief Friendship Foundation


UN Non-governmental Organization of the ONU-DPI
Yaroslavskoe shosse 22-1-83
129348 Moscow
Tel/Fax: 234-3292
Contact: Nina Ignatieva, Director
IRFF began working in Russia in 1996 to create and sponsor programs of agricultural development, humanitarian and technical education, medical work, and assistance projects for urban populations and victims of natural disasters. The group helped renovate the Children's Rehabilitation Center in Ufa, Bashkortostan in 1996-98. In Ekaterinburg, it led the full reconstruction of the Crippled Children's Rehabilitation Center and Orphanage House, donating $16,000 in material assistance. IRFF also constructed seven children's playgrounds on the site of the Children's House in Moscow in 1997. The group has offices in Ekaterinburg and Tver.

Last updated:    February 1999

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