International Educational Foundation


a/ya 68
129515 Moscow
Tel/Fax: 216-7877, 219-9030
Contact: Professor Dr. Bronislav Bitinas, President; Mr. Robert Beebe
IEF was founded in 1993 by a group of scholars and teachers from the NIS, U.S. and UK following a series of conferences, Spiritual Renewal and School Education in Russia, held in Moscow in November 1992. Since then, it has published a series of textbooks and held workshops for thousands of teachers throughout the NIS. Its books have been translated into Mongolian, Tajik, Azeri, Estonian, and Armenian.

All IEF's projects are designed to foster "the spiritual and moral growth of young people so that they can inherit the traditions that are at the basis of any civilized society."

In 1998, IEF campaigned against the introduction of condom-based sex education in Russia and also held a conference, School Wide Character Education. The current focus of its activities includes:

Among the textbooks it has published in Russian are My World & I: The Way to Unification (1993), Living Religions (1997), and Love, Life, and Family (1998). IEF states that it has published about 240,000 textbooks that are currently being used in approximately 4,000 schools throughout the NIS. Its partner organizations abroad include the International Educational Foundation of America in New York and the International Educational Foundation in London.

Last updated:    February 1999

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