Information Center of the Independent Women's Forum


a/ya 230
121019 Moscow
Tel/Fax: 366-9274
Contact: Liza Bozhkova, Zoya Khotkina
The center acts as an advocate for women's groups in Russia and the NIS. ICIWF helps establish support/resource centers for women's NGOs and promotes cooperation between groups and with government structures.

In 199697, ICIWF's national-scale project, New Opportunities for Women, provided women's groups across Russia with organizational assistance and training. Women's organizations in Karelia, Mirny, Voronezh, Pskov, and Chelyabinsk learned strategies for working with government agencies and winning public support for their projects. ICIWF also provided these groups with consultations on management and fundraising, and published a digest featuring updates on the New Opportunities project and related events. The digest also included articles on women's issues, such as the history of women-owned businesses in Russia.

ICIWF maintains an extensive library of international and Russian materials related to the women's movement, as well as a database of women's organizations.

Last updated:    February 1999

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