Center for Peacemaking and Community Development


ul. Usachova 29, korp. 7, k. 405
119048 Moscow
Tel/Fax: 245-4632
Contact: Chris Hunter, Director
CPCD was founded in 1995 to collect and distribute information concerning human rights violations from the war in Chechnya as well as to advocate an end to the conflict. It has provided education and training in non-violent conflict resolution and human rights, and humanitarian assistance to war victims in the North Caucasus. CPCD has set up the Little Star psychological rehabilitation facility in Grozny for children traumatized by the war. Little Star also trains local specialists in psychological rehabilitation for war victims.

Currently CPCD carries out postwar, humanitarian, physical reconstruction work and raises public awareness of the social and psychological effects of war. It has also begun to create an e-mail network for North Caucasus youth and women's groups and is hoping to create a prosthetics center in Grozny. Besides Grozny, CPCD has offices in Novgorod, Ingushetia, and Exeter, Great Britain (tel/fax in UK: +44 1392-219-022).

CPCD works with Mothers for Peace in Dusseldorf and the Kornhaug Norwegian Peace Center in Lillehammer. Its annual budget is US$200,000$300,000 and the staff of 30 is mainly Russian.

Last updated:    February 1999

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