Union for Chemical Safety


8-2-83 Profsojuznaja str.
117292 Moscow
Tel/Fax: 129-0596
Email: lefed@glas.apc.org
Contact: Professor Lev A.Fedorov, President
The purpose of the union is "to help the people of Russia find an ecologically sound way out of the legacy of many years of chemical toxins proliferation and abuse." It is an interregional non-governmental organization working to eliminate the proliferation and widespread misuse of toxic chemicals in Russia, including biological and chemical weapons, dioxins, PCBs, liquid rocket fuels, and pesticides. Fedorov is a chemist by profession, and the organization is governed by an Association Council.

The fundamental objectives of UCS are:

Founded in 1993, UCS has many branches addressing the specific problems of their region: Bryansk (storage of CWs, pesticides); Chuvash Republic (production of modern CWs, dioxins, pesticides); Ivanovo region (old CWs production, liquid rocket fuels); Kemerovo (dioxins; emissions of chemical plants); Khabarovsk (pesticides); Kurgan (storage of modern CWs); Nizhny Novgorod (production of old CWs and new pesticides, dioxins, liquid rocket fuels, emissions of chemical plants); Penza (storage of modern CWs); Samara (production and disposal of old CWs, pesticide production, dioxins); Saratov (testing of CWs, storage of old CWs, liquid rocket fuels); Tula (old production of CWs, dioxins, emissions of chemical plants); Udmurt Republic (storage of old and modern CWs, disposal of old CWs, dioxins); and Volgograd (production of old and modern CWs, pesticide production, dioxins, emissions of chemical plants).

UCS has published three books, Dioxins as the Ecological Danger (Moscow, 267 pp., 1993), Chemical Weapons in Russia: History, Ecology, and Politics (Moscow,120 pp., 1994), and Undeclared Chemical War in Russia: Politics Against Ecology (Moscow, 304 pp., 1995). UCS cooperates with ecological organizations and individuals of different countries.

Last updated:    February 1999

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