13 Human Rights Groups in the Moscow Center for Human Rights

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CCSI received a fax in late November 1993 from Carol Hall, an American working at the Moscow Center for Human Rights. She stated that members of organizations in the Center are eager to develop contacts with American organizations, particularly in these areas:

Moscow Helsinki Group

Founded in 1976 by Professor Yuri Orlov, the Moscow Helsinki Group claims to be the oldest Russian human rights organization. Today its projects include developing a network of human rights organizations among the newly independent states, and public education programs aimed at establishing a "legal culture."

Coordinator: Leonid Konstantinovich Kolevatov
Tel: 206-88-54
Fax: 206-88-53

Public Center "Assistance"

The Public Center "Assistance," was created in 1989 to promote penal reform, protect the rights of prisoners, and carry on a variety of public education projects related to the Russian criminal justice system.

Director: Valery Fedorovich Abramkin
Tel: 206-86-84, 206-84-97

Independent Psychiatric Association

The Independent Psychiatric Asso-ciation, founded in 1988, carries out scientific, practical and policy-oriented activities. It works through indepedent commissions and legislative bodies, and also seeks to establish a "Rehabilitation and Research Center for Victims of Cruelty and Tortures."

President: Yuri Sergeevich Savenko
Tel and fax: (095) 206-86-39

Movement Without Frontiers

Movement Without Frontiers was founded in 1992 to assist people denied the right of departure from Russia and to influence legislative debates on the topic of "entry and exit" from Russia.

Coordinator: Boris Lvovich Altshuler
Director: Vladimir Vladimirovich Raskin
Tel: 206-88-36
Fax: 206-88-53

Moscow Antifascist Center

The Moscow Antifascist Center was formed in February 1989 in opposition to the emergence of bigoted and chauvinistic groups such as Pamyat. The Center attends meetings of such groups, collects their literature, and monitors trials of so-called "red-brown" extremists.

Chairman: Evgeni Viktorovich Proshechkin
Tel: 449-80-03, 206-89-71

Civic Forum

Civic Forum was formed in 1986 and registered in 1992, to work on behalf of socially "unprotected" groups such as orphans, refugees, disabled people, and veterans. Civic Forum is part of a wider European movement that has members in France, Austria, Belgium, Ukraine, and other countries.

President: Alexander Dmitrievich Sabov
Executive Director: Sergey Ivanovich Strelnikov
Tel: 206-04-42

"Mother's Right" Foundation

"Mother's Right" Foundation was formed in 1990 "to protect the interests and rights of parents whose sons were lost in the army during active service in peacetime."

Chairwoman of the Board: Veronika Aleksandrovna Marchenko
Tel: 206-05-81

Society Against the Death Penalty

The Society Against the Death Penalty offers legal assistance to individuals facing the death penalty and also seeks to improve conditions in Russian prisons.

Chairman: Victor Valentinovich Kogan-Yasni
Tel: 206-85-89

Society for the Defense of Convicted Businessmen and Economic Freedoms

The Society exists to defend individuals who have been prosecuted "for nothing more than engaging in free enterprise." It also provides material assistance to the families of unjustly imprisoned businessmen. Contact: Anatoly Feodosievich Vladyshevsky
Tel: 206-80-23

Omega Society

The Omega Society, founded in 1992, seeks to stem the spread of inter-ethnic conflict in former Soviet territories.

Contact: Viktor Alekseevich Polkov
Tel: 206-04-42

Association for the Protection of the Rights of the Disabled

Founded in 1992 to assist in raising the living standards of disabled people in Russia and other countries of the former USSR.

Coordinator-President: Yuri Ivanovich Kiselev
Tel: 197-40-95

Liberty Road

Established in October 1991 to provide advisory and technical assistance to governmental and non- governmental entities concerned with the promotion and protection of human rights.

Director: Mr. K. Ermichine
Tel: 413-22-80

Soldiers' Mothers Committee

Founded in 1989 to defend the rights of servicemen on active duty. It investigates allegations of human rights violations in the army and navy and advocates transition to a small professional army and the right to perform alternative civilian service.

Chairwoman: Mariya Ivanovna Kirbasova
Tel: 928-25-06

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