Boris Grebenshikov & Aquarium -- the legend of Russian rock music. This site contains songs, albums, lyrics, photos. English and Russian (both cp1251 and KOI) texts. One of the oldest Aquarium sites on the Net. Note: This is a progressive JPEG image.
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Some updates

  • 8/9/99 Finally, finally, the long-awaited song search engine was finished
  • 8/9/99 "The Prayer and The Fast" album was added
  • 8/3/99 The much dreaded "BG & Deadushki" album was added
  • 6/10/99. All audio is being converted into MP3.
  • 6/15/99. Equinox was reviewed by StudyWeb.
  • "Lilith/Black Moon" is available from CDNow.
  • "Refuge" is available from Borders Books. Also, Refuge was spotted at a listening station at Fry's Electronics in Los Angeles. Cool.

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