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Katya's batik

[Katya's photo] Katya Gandurina

Moscow, 1995
No surprise that I met the author of these paintings on the river. She was expertly balancing a kayak on the icy cold waves.

A few months later Katya called and invited us to her exhibit. A group of Moscow artists who call themselves "Ice Bugs" was preparing a show titled "Games with the Wind". It was cold Moscow December and the names seemed appropriate.

Of course it's nice to visit a gallery where a friend of yours shows her works. But I did not expect much. Katya did not look or act as an artist and I was ready to see something amateurish.

I was completely wrong. And I was enchanted when I saw the paintings. Even in her quiet works there were ever changing and shifting colors of running water and rainbows dancing in the waterfalls.

All Katya's works are the size of a window. They really are the windows - silk windows to a strange yet familiar world. A haze vibrates over Moscow rush, shadowless northern light reflects in the smoothness of Karelija lakes, slightly dusty smell comes out from a theater wings, a salty wings brings the freshness of a sea, a church bell rings at dawn in a small village... All that mixes up and plays in Katya's silks.

No more words or explanations. Look for yourself. We had a very good time at the gallery. Maybe some of you will share our feelings. And if you want to contact Katya directly - please write to her e-mail:


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PS. If you like what you see on this page, you may want to visit a later Katya's exhibit, already not in a small gallery...
A few photos of Katya's work shown in 2001 you willl find here (not only batik, but oil on canvas as well)

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