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Young Journalists

We are sorry that this new supposedly monthly story is published more than two months after the previous one. We should've been more precise with out timing but the life is - fortunately - not all that predictable. I spent part of May and June in the Untied States - and some places visited there perhaps deserved a page on the Web, but not here (oh, these unbelievably full Yosemite falls, magic of rainbows in the flying water... or Arizona deserts in bloom...) Masha was busy taking care of all the work in the lab and at home alone. Then, after coming back I had so many things to catch up with that there was just no time for something interesting to happen to me... And there were some deadlines for important papers to meet...

A normal life often seems uneventful (at least here in Russia) and there is a certain pleasure in this quietness. Not much to write about on the Web, though.

And then all of a sudden I got a very interesting invitation to spend ten days at the International School of Young Journalists. My job there was to teach the kids (and some adults too) the basics of a Web presentation, to tell about the Internet in general, to show how important it is going to be for a future journalist.

The School was organized by a unique Russian news agency, YUNPRESS, which works for the kids and has the staff mostly of teenagers (except for a very few grown-up consultants). They even have their home page on the Web, but it's completely in Russian at the moment. Still, if you (and your browser) can read Russian, do visit the YUNPRESS place.

International presence at the school was mostly European, kids from France, Greece, Germany and Ukraine came to join their Russian colleagues. One journalism teacher from California also came to share some of his views and ideas.

Brian McKenna, a teacher from California, was a celebrity of sorts at the School. Kids loved to make an interview with him. In this photo, Anya Semenova from YUNPRESS interrogates Brian. A short piece she finally wrote was good enough - and showed exactly what the students wanted to learn from an American guest.
Russians came from all over the country (more than 20 towns from Sakhalin, Siberia, Urals, European Russia sent approximately 200 students). This made the audience extremely interesting...
Official opening of the School... Well, nothing was too official there!
And of course all these kids were already doing something in journalism at home, working for local radio or TV studios, publishing newsletters, newspapers or magazines. Journalism is not available as a subject in the curriculum at Russian schools - so all these kids are enthusiastic enough to spend their spare time in their local news agencies or studios or clubs.
She was one of the youngest participants. When the picture was published in "Youth Newspaper", the caption said "The balloons will fly away, the journalism will always stay with us!"
And these two happy writers obviously enjoy their work in the computer room. This room was crowded all round the clock... That's why we had a new copy of the School's daily titled The Master-Class every morning by breakfast time.
So this time I will let the kids do the talking. No pictures, sorry - but hopefully interesting enough texts. I selected those that were presented in English for international pages of the publications prepared in the course of School training sessions. Translations are not always clear - still those are their voices, unedited. Enjoy! Click here to reach the stories written by Russian kids.
If you are a teenager or a teacher - here is the informtion about one YUNPRESS project that was born at the School... You may find this interesting!

Here is a challenge for American kids who might be interested in astronautics and space (or Earth, on the other hand...).

Perhaps now some of you have learned the name of Russian space station, MIR, where an American astronaut recently set the national record of time spent in a spacecraft. The American expert is safely back home, but the MIR station and its new crew keep working up there at the orbit around our planet.

YUNPRESS will have an hour for live interview with the crew members of MIR in late September (the exact date will be known by September 15). Young journalists from YUNPRESS will ask questions - and this is where they need your help/cooperation. They would like to ask questions sent by the kids from around the world... The only limitation: they want questions which cannot be answered correctly unless the persons who answer are on the space station! That rules out piles of traditional questions like "Do you like pets?", "What does it take to become an astronaut?", and so on. But think of the questions that requires for the answer this very special location... This is the challenge! There are people up there at the space station ready to answer your question, just make it interesting.

If you come up with interesting questions, Russian kids will ask them for you (of course telling the astronauts who and from where has sent the question) - and then will send you back the answer, and perhaps later prepare the entire Web publication about the space interview... Maybe even at this very F&P server!

Please send your questions (with the comment that they are for Space Interview) directly to YUNPRESS at or to me - I will help the kids to do the network part of this project....

Thanks - and we're looking forward to get your good questions!

Coming back to our "Moscow Life" page... We can announce the topics of our future presentations here, in case you care to visit the place again. In a week we will leave Moscow for a vacation, we'll spend almost three weeks in the North and our travelogue will be the next publication... And then we will just tell you about normal Moscow street life, things one sees going shopping to the nearby grocery store, for example. We got several letters from our readers who ask us to prepare that sort of presentation and we definitely will. See you all in September!


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