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Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia
-= 1996 =-
Moscow August,
memories of
New Hampshire

Nashua, N.H.
Nashua, N.H.
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Alley in the rain Rainy dead end The season of travels is over, and September fogs and rains drape Moscow with pale shifting curtains. Just the right time to recall nice days of the season that's already over, to look at the pictures of the sunny places, travels, and walks.
This year summer was not very typical by my standards. Instead of visiting Russian North or new Siberian rivers, I spent two months in New Hampshire (well, I know that some of you will call this place North too...)
No, of course I'm not going to tell you on this Moscow Life page about Nashua life or Olympic Flame Relay in the US. But after coming back home to Moscow I could not help comparing some landscapes, places, and people. So... In this story I will mix up a few photos taken in Nashua with my set of Moscow views.

Where do I start? Of course, on the road! What else warms up the hearts of so many of you Americans?
Roads and highways... As the traffic in Russia is getting busier, they become more American, and biking in and around Moscow this August I sometimes felt surprisingly like in New England. Oh, I'm not saying that we do already have the highways of American class. The highway on the left is unmistakably American...
Still, ther are some highways near Moscow that are so much like cozy small roads of New Hampshire. Well, Moscow belt road (on the right above) now proudly features a jersey barrier but sepaprating only two lanes in each direction... And Gorkovskoe Shosse in the morning reminds me of Amherst Street where it leaves Nashua... (on the photo above on the left)

Business style is also pretty much international... or nationless? Efficiently organized office space looks the same all round the world. Office buildings look similar too. These reflecting walls of tinted glass are getting very popular in Moscow but are not yet very successful in blending with the landscape around. I do like the attempt in Nashua (shown in the picture on the left) better.

August harvest Apples August is the month when dacha pays abundantly back for all the summer labor... Apples, and berries, and mushrooms are ripe. (If you're not sure what dacha means, you're invited to visit my long story about it written some time ago).

This is the season when small markets near Moscow metro stations are full of local fruits, and not only imported banans and kiwis, when flowers in the dacha gardens are grown for the very important day, the official Day Of Knowledge, September 1. On that day, all schools of the country begin their new year after summer vacation, all universities and colleges open their doors after summer break.
Sidewalk sale Cynderella Syndrom While branches of garden trees are heavy with fruits, stranger items can be found on Moscow boulevards... Sidewalk sales of wedding dresses, is this another sign that fall has come to Moscow? Hmm. Why mostly boys are looking at them?

After summer rest, exhibits and galleries slowly enter a new busy season. This shoe on the right was built in Kuskovo park in front of international shoe design exhibition with a pretentious name Cinderella Syndrom... Quite a popular place, but instead of joining the crowds of those interested in shoe design, I of course prefer to escape from Moscow whenever possible.
Fordson Flowerbed Oh well, I prefer to escape to the country even from smaller urban places... It's really great to recall in the foggy September all the fences and objects I leaned my bike onto this summer... From an ancient Fordson in Hillsborough to a private flowerbed near Kupavna 20 miles east of Moscow.

To tell you the truth, the only real escape to wilderness (only one day long, unfortunately) took place in New Hampshire.

Moscow park Flower Farm, N.H. Speaking of flowerbeds... Moscow in August offers you a nice carpet of flowers of all colors decorated with lavish fountains. I wish all this cool water and the mist blown with the wind could be available on the hot New Hampshire roads... There were beautiful flower farms, of course, and home-made ice-cream, but no cool showers, alas.

Yes, after spending two months on the East Coast one begins to value Moscow climate. With all its drizzles, blizzards and other cold and wet surprises it is still more human than unbearably hot humidity.

Happy family Well, summer is over, life's going on, people in the streets look reasonably happy (check the picture on the right)... and I have some new plans for postings on these pages in the months to come. Unfortunately, I always have more plans than time to implement them. Still, a few weeks ago I spent an absolutely gorgeous weekend in St. Petersburg and have a good set of color prints ready for scanning...

Please visit these pages again, there will be more to read and look at very soon.

Me in B&N Andrey,

PS. I could not help posting here the picture of the place I do really miss in Moscow. Surprisingly, there is no cozy bookstore similar to this Nashua Barnes and Noble in our huge city... I was really enjoying those many hours I spent there. Don't I look happy in the picture?

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