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Katya again
(Closing a loop...)
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In February of 1995 I started this page with a story about an art exhibit in a small local Moscow gallery. I told you about Katya Gandurina and her wonderful batiks... Well, in fact I should rather avoid the word batik because for many it brings up the idea of a painted dress, native art, and whatever else is far from what you call real painting. Forget about the technique, think art!

A year and a half passed since that early posting. My Moscow Life page has changed considerably and managed to win some attention and audience on the Web. But it was a small change comparing to changes in Katya's popularity among Moscow public, from refined art-lovers to practical office decoration professionals. Her latest exhibit took place in the Central House of Artists and was a big success.
It's interesting and exciting to close this loop, to return once more to the art and the artist which both inspired me when I was starting this Web project...

And as at earlier exhibits, the best and definitely most noticeable giude on the event was Olga, Katya's daughter, now a high school graduate going to study journalism in Moscow State University.
With her snow-white paper wings which she carried casualy like a well-worn jeans and with an open smile inviting to friendly discussion, Olga was a very right person to introduce you to the magic world breating in these silk windows.
Katya's windows to a very special world of hers full of shifting colors of Russian North and clarity of running and flying water. Katya's enchanting look at simple things which cease to be simple the moment she catches them on a vibrant piece of thin and transparent cloth...
It makes very little sense to describe artwork. You better take a look and decide for yourself if you like Katya's world. We'll be back to ordinary Moscow reality in the next my report - coming soon.
And if you want to contact Katya directly - please write to her e-mail:
Please click to open the latest report on Katya's art
If you like this story and Katya's art, you may want to see the report of her new exhibit that happened in January 2004.
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The Waterfall
The Friends
Rain in the Fall
The Silence
This picture was definitely my favorite... Well, not just mine, because it was sold even before the first day was over. It went to a house of Nataila Derkach, a landscape wizard who now restores a gem of Russian park design, Ostankino. Look at happy faces of both Katya and Natasha. It is good to know that your creation goes to a family of dear friends...
I was glad too - that Natasha's purchase meant that I would have many more chances to enjoy the silk while drinking good wine in a good company around their table.

Yes, Karelia, the land of cold and crisp beauty in the Russian North. The land that has its unmistakable signature on many of Katya's works. Not surprising, since she spends a few months every year there. You may check The Land Of Empty Roads story to get a better idea of how Karelia looks and feels.
Two years ago Katya made another picture with the same title... I'm happy that now it's on the wall of our living room in Moscow apartment.
The Tree

The Fijord

That's it for now...

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