Arina Dmitrovna Genkina

Arina Dmitrovna Genkina, 15, attends art school in Moscow
where she lives with her mother - a professional artist - and
her father - a craftsman/goldsmith and former Soviet hanggliding

This online exhibition is a small sample of her work, which ranges from the fanciful to the bizarre and is full of intricate details (many of which are lost in the process of digitizing.) Selecting any of the small images will cause larger versions to be displayed.

If you are interested in Arina's work and would like to contact her, please send mail to her family.



Caption translations from the Russian text provided by Sasha Genkina. All images are copyright © 1993-1995, Arina Genkina. Use for purposes other than personal viewing is prohibited.

Spotty Hunting. (1993) The most important thing when hunting is not to be noticed by anybody. That is why, for the spotty hunting, one chooses a spotty horse, a spotty dog, a spotty bird. Even a trumpet and a saddle should be spotty, not to mention the bullets.

He Started Flying (Took Wings). (1993) His reverie came to reality and a simple flag made from his aunt's dress carried him away into the sky. And although he got chilled flying at once, he was proud of his discovery.
At The Meeting. (1993) He winged to the meeting as if he had wings.

A Woman in Red. (1993) That was a very weird woman. She practiced sorcery and wore only red clothes.

Face To the Sun. (1993) What for? They did not know themselves, but they flew.

A Churchman. (1993) He had been a deer before, and he regretted much about it.
Abstract. (1993)
A Tongue - Its Own World. (1993)

Gold Fish. (1993) On this ship, the hedgehog and I went on a long sail, looking for a mysterious island.

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